Why travelling out of a backpack is perfect for road trips

The best tip that I ever got as a digital nomad was to travel light. We all love to travel, but trust me, it can become very tiring to carry huge bags around, so you would definitely want to avoid making this mistake. Still, it is understandable that some people would still want to carry some extra luggage when they go on a longer trip, but there is absolutely no reason why a travel backpack won’t cover for all your needs when it comes to short road trips.

Backpacking is perfect for road trips

At the end of the day, road trips are all about having fun for a few days, and you definitely wouldn't want to have a huge luggage that will be weighing you down. It is also important to mention that backpacks are actually a lot more spacious than people seem to think, and that they are very durable. Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons why backpack should always be your companion on road trips.

You will have plenty of space

Contrary to the belief, you can actually fit a lot more stuff in a backpack than you can in most standard luggage. Because they are cleverly designed, you will have no problems fitting your clothes, toiletries and anything else you might need. Here are some of the things that are essential for road trips:

  • Clothes.
  • Toiletries
  • Electronics
  • Miscellaneous (glasses, towels)

Because road trips usually don’t last all that long, you won’t have to carry too much. Just a few shirts, pants, and a pair of jeans should do the trick. If you select a good quality backpack, you won’t have any problems fitting all of this, and you will still have a lot of room to spare.

They are very durable

Most of the high-tech backpacks are built from the quality materials. They may cost a bit more, but once you buy it, you know that you’re gonna have a trustworthy companion for years to come. Most of these backpacks are waterproof, keeping your stuff safe from the weather at all times.

They are easy to move around

If you are a type of person that loves to go everywhere on foot, having a backpack is a must. It is nearly impossible to move the heavy luggage around, but with backpacks, this is no trouble at all. In some of our previous articles, we’ve mentioned that backpacks are your best choice for trips to Europe, where streets are narrow, and it’s not easy to move around. Well, you would want to keep that sense of freedom on a short road trip as well. Also, those padded straps are quite comfortable, meaning that people who have back problems will be able to carry more weight around without the need to visit the doctor’s office.

Lifetime warranty and Satisfaction guarantee

Again, not all companies offer these options, so it is important to choose the right one. For example, Standard’s Carry-on Backpack offers these amazing options for all of their products. Wait, is this a scam? Nope! All you have to do is make sure to handle your backpack with care, and the quality of materials used will ensure it will be there for years to come. Also, if you aren’t satisfied with the product, you will have an option of returning it within 30 days, and you’ll get a full refund. This is a cool option to have, but trust me, you won’t ever use it when you see how awesome these backpacks can be.

It is an affordable option

There is nothing worse than owning a cheap travel bag that will let you down in the middle of nowhere and ruin your entire trip. However, those high-end models can cost a lot, and not everyone is able to afford them. So, what would be the alternative? Again, backpacks are the answer. They will provide you with so many awesome features, but you won’t have to rob a bank in order to own one. It is the best choice you can make!

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