Standard's Round-up: What are 6 key travel apps for the travel pro?

Top Travel Apps

Why do people travel? Most of the time, they are looking for ways to relax and leave all the stress behind. However, they still like to feel under control. This is where apps come into play. The development of smartphones enabled us to have our own personal assistant that is always one touch away. Booking a room in a hotel has never been easier. But that is not the only advantage of travel apps, they can do so much more. In the list below, you will see some of the best traveling apps currently on the market. 

Top Travel Apps for Pros


This has to be one of the best traveling apps you can find. It gathers all necessary information, and puts them into one itinerary. This is a great way to keep your flight reservations, hotel bookings and car rental information in one place. Best of all, the app can be connected to calendar with alerts enabled, so you will know if you are drifting away from your schedule. Some more useful details include currency converter and weather forecast. The design is basic and simple, which makes it very user friendly. It is so simple, even a cave man could use it. Well, not really, but you get the point.


If you are a world traveler, this app is a must-have. It’s tedious to constantly search for the best possible deals for your flight. With this app, that won’t be a problem. Thousands of international and local flights are updated daily, along with prices, so you can find the flight that suits your needs. Offers vary from best flag carriers to small charter flights and budget airlines. The app offers links that lead you directly to the airlines, where you can book your flight. Furthermore, there are a bunch of filters available, so for example, you can search for a specific carrier or an exact landing time.


Every traveler knows that no matter how much though we put into packing, we always seem to forget something. PackPoint is an app that’s designed to put an end to this. All users have to do is create their trip profile by selecting their destination, purpose of travel, and time available. The app then takes all of these things into consideration, checks the weather, and creates a checklist of things that will be necessary. What a clever idea it was to create such an app. It is compatible with iOS and Android. Windows users are stuck with creating their own lists. What a waste of time.


Having a tourist guide on your trips is cool, but it can become quite boring to have to listen to them all the time. By downloading TripAdvisor, you will have your own personal guide that can be turned off at any moment. This app shows the best hotels, restaurants, and other places you should visit during your travel. Literally millions of reviews and images are available, and most major cities in the world are covered by now. You can also join in, and write your own review of the place you visited.


Tourists usually have a tight budget dedicated for travels, but they somehow always manage to spend more than they originally planned. If this is the problem you often times face, Expensify will become your best friend. It is a cleverly designed app to help you track every expense you come across. It is easy to import every purchase from your credit card, but that’s not all. You can simply take a photograph of the receipt, and SmartScan will automatically calculate it as an expense. You can also manually input any extra fees that you come across.


Not all people like to travel by plane, some enjoy touring with their own car. If this is the case with you, GasBuddy should be on your list of favorite apps. Users from around the world write about places with cheaper gas, and by becoming one of them, you can win certain prizes. One of the best ones is, you guessed it, free gas! Users can write down specific address or use a GPS tracker instead. Road trips have never been more fun!

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