5 First Time Car Camping Tips You Must Know

How cool is it to go on your first car camping trip along with your friends and family members? The excitement levels are always going above the roof, and everyone expects the trip to be super smooth. Traveling also improves your health by curing obesity and the risk of diabetes. When you go car camping for the first time, things might not go how you want them. To avoid that, you need to know some essential car camping tips. Our new post briefs you with five first time car camping tips you must learn to make your trip remarkable. 

Car Camping

Make Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements

You might as well think that why are we talking about sleeping in the beginning. Well, if you will sleep well, then you'll stay healthy and joyous to be able to enjoy the car camping trip with your fellow travelers. 

While you will be riding in your car in the countryside for the whole day, at night falls, you'll need to park your vehicle on a camping spot where you can relax. For that time, you should carry a roof top tent with you so that you can enjoy a good night's sleep and wake up fresh the next morning. 

If you don't wish to sleep outside the car or under the sky, you will have to sleep inside the car. If you want to sleep inside the car, we'd suggest you buy an inflatable mattress. It will give you a comfortable sleeping experience altogether. 

Sleeping inside a car means that the window glasses will give away most of your privacy. So it's better to buy a set of window screens for your vehicle. 

Also, don't forget to carry your coffee and sugar sachets to make your mornings fresh. In the countryside, the mosquitoes and other insects might get the worst of you, so you should also carry a mosquito repellent so that you sleep peacefully at night.

Know The Location Inside Out

We know that car camping might sound adventurous to you, but you should know that it's not in the best of your interest just to go out there as is. You should take a few hours off your schedule and adequately research the routes you will be traveling to and staying. You should know about these places' overall weather, wildlife, and terrain type. Also, search and mark all the gas stations in the route.

The internet connection might not be at its best when you are in a remote area, so you should download the maps before and access them whenever you need them. 

Take Along Some Medicines & Other Essentials

Naturally, you'll enjoy it to the fullest on your first car camping trip. 

While enjoying the trip is reasonable, taking care of your health is crucial. You should carry a first-aid kit with you so that whenever you or someone else feels uneasy, you will have a potential cure with you. 

The types of medicines that you should carry are:

  • Painkillers as recommended by your physician
  • Antipyretics for fever-like symptoms. 
  • Cough syrup
  • Band-aids for general cuts
  • Extra tampons

You should prepare a separate bag of toiletries so that everything essential stays in place and you don't have to search the whole luggage for your night care lotion. 

To be on the safer side while car camping in the outskirts, carry all the necessary documents related to the vehicle you are traveling in. Some of them are - registration papers, insurance papers, and the driver's DL. 

If a puppy is traveling with you, then it's a good idea to carry their registration papers with you. 

Make Cooking & Dining Wonderful

While you are out there in a remote area, this doesn't mean that you can't eat good food. You should carry a portable stove along with you so that you can always enjoy a freshly grilled meal whenever you and your friends like it. 

You should carry a portable wood-fired grill cum stove so that you can fire it with the wood chaps available in the countryside. Also, you should bring some meat and vegetables to be able to enjoy delicious meals.

The good idea is to install a mini-refrigerator in your car and store your favorite soft drinks, beers, and other drinks in it. What else would you need to enjoy an authentic dinner, out in the wild, under the stars? If anyone in the group has a sweet tooth, they should also get ice-cream stocked in the miniature fridge.

Keep Everything Organized

While enjoying a car camping trip, don't forget about your surroundings and the car's interior. You should keep everything organized to create a calm and soothing space inside the car. 

To keep your utensils clean and hygienic, always carry a collapsible sink along with you. Also, to not shuffle loads of luggage for a general thing, you should keep essentials organized in a transparent box and label those boxes. This way, you won't have to shuffle throughout the luggage, and you'll save loads of time and energy. 

A dedicated waste bin is also necessary to keep the insides of the car neat. 


Now, you can go on car camping without worrying about the tiny details of the trip because we have shared everything to make your car camping trip a memorable experience for you. Pick a free car camping destination and enjoy your staycation time out in nature.

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