The Benefits of Using Packing Cubes While Travelling


Packing has now become somewhat of a sport (and not a very fun one!). With the increasing restrictions and skyrocketing fees associated with carry-on bags and luggage on airlines, it has become critical to pack as efficiently as possible. Travel accessories such as packing cubes are quickly becoming a popular choice for many travelers wishing to make the job of getting organized a little bit more easy.

Standard's Packing Cubes
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Packing cubes are containers made of light weight fabric with mesh sides, zip up, and are relatively small. Many manufactures offer them in regular as well as slim fit styles.  Although typically rectangular or square in shape, they can also be purchased in a variety of different shapes as well as sizes. These ultimate travel organizers aid in helping maximize the most space in your bags and allow you to fit more of your belongings in a more organized and efficient manner, while using minimal amount of space.



For the minimalist or one bag -carry-on traveler, the benefits of using packing cubes while travelling are quite vast and endless. You can fit a whole lot more of your belonging into your carry-on luggage when using this clever little pouch, due to the building block shape of the cubes. They are extremely versatile and easy to use and playing a little bit of Tetris (learning to stack them properly) will surely allow you to fit them neatly into every available inch of your pack.

Many avid and experienced travelers agree that packing light and organizing your items will make for a much more pleasant and easy going trip.


Packing cubes are invaluable organizers that will sort out all of your essentials, making all of your items super accessible and easy to find. The use of these organizing pouches also increases the likelihood that your belongings will remain well kept and very tidy. They also allow you to separate your clean clothes from any soiled items, and help you to keep the inside of your luggage fresh and clean.

The packing cubes also fit ideally into most carry-on bags, effectively utilizing every inch of free space. These components can also be easily combined with a carry-on backpack. In case you want to opt out for maximum usability, you can choose to use compression straps to hold everything in place. One pack contains 3 sets of packing cubes, which means that if you travel with a carry-on bag, you will always have one cube left available to keep everything organized. Due to this fact, it creates an ideal travel companion to fit all of your needs.


While traveling, you may not always have the comfort of a nice, fresh and clean pillow. Whether you find yourself on an impromptu camping trip or having to stay in questionable hostels, rest assure that using one of your packing cubes filled with clothing will suffice. 


If you’re planning on using your cubes to store your dirty laundry, chances are that you’ll most likely be wanting to clean them. This can be easily done by just throwing them into your laundry and hanging them to dry.

Besides being made from rip-stop nylon material, packing cubes are also resistant to staining, which will allow you to use them time and time again before having to wash them. A quick wipe using a wet cloth and a bit of soap should be more than enough to keep them looking good as new.


Have you ever experienced the gut-wrenching feeling of having to go through the airport security, and your suitcase starts beeping? Naturally, even though you know you have nothing to hide, it still won’t save you from going through the grueling ordeal.

It usually ends up with security going through your carefully packed belongings, removing each and every item that you previously packed with care. To make things worse, it’s not like you will have time to return everything neatly once they’re done. You’ll just have to jam everything back in, thus wrinkling your stuff to oblivion. With packing cubes, you’ll be able to remove one cube at a time, making sure that everything remains in place, just like before. It will save you plenty of time, and protect you from the unnecessary stress you might encounter.


No matter if you enjoy photography and cannot get away from your precious lenses and tripods, or if you are forced to carry a bunch of cables to power your laptop and phones, the cubes are an ideal choice to keep everything in order.

While these items are a necessity for a lot of people, they oftentimes present a problem, as they simply won’t fit in most traditional compartments, or need additional protection due to their fragile nature. With Standard’s Packing Cubes, both of those problems disappear in one single swipe. Stop worrying about your gadgets, and get one of these products as soon as you can.


It’s a fact that most toiletry bags take up a ton of space inside suitcases, but they are an absolute necessity, right? Ultimately, who would want to have their toiletries tossed around their bag, and potentially leaking all over the clothes?

Well, with packing cubes, this becomes a non-issue. Not only that you’ll save up a ton of space, but you’ll also always be able to see the content of your packing cube and find out whether or not you accidently left anything behind while packing. In case you are worried about possible leakage, just place your items in a neat zip-lock bag, and you’ll be good to go.


Speaking of plastic bags, if you’re anything like myself, you’re probably trying to use these things as rarely as possible. It’s not a secret that plastic is slowly but surely destroying our planet, and we should always do our best to preserve it for ourselves and the generations that are yet to come.

With that in mind, I’m sure most of you have come across stories of people who claim that a plastic bag can do just as good of a job as most packing cubes. To tell you the truth, this makes no sense what so ever. Ultimately, while the cubes are somewhat flexible, they still provide plenty of structural support, thus clearly dividing the space within your suitcase. Furthermore, Standard’s Cubes can be coupled together in order to form a hanging dresser that can immediately be placed inside a closet once you reach your destination.


Most travelers tend to choose clothes that are pretty resistant to wrinkling. Nonetheless, we almost always have to pack at least a couple items that seem classier, especially if we’re going on a business trip, or plan on visiting a fancy restaurant or two along the way.

Traditional suitcases nowadays come equipped with harnesses that are designed to keep your clothes in place, but they are far from a perfect solution. First of all, they compress all of your clothes tightly, thus saving you a lot of space, but causing plenty of wrinkling in the process.

Additionally, whenever you need to reach for some item in a hurry, you first have to undo these buckles, and then clamp them back together once you’re done, which can be pretty annoying. On the contrary, packing cubes will keep all of your clothes organized and wrinkle free. Doesn't the sound more practical?

Standard's Packing Cubes


From a personal perspective, we as authors of this text know how excited we get once our feet finally touch the ground and we reach our destination. At that point in time, the only desire we have is to explore every nook and cranny of that destination. However, before we do that, we first have to ditch our luggage and that’s the point where many travelers begin to unpack, in a desire to avoid their clothes being wrinkled. Five minutes quickly turn into an hour, and all of a sudden, we become too tired to go anywhere.

With packing cubes, this crisis is averted right from the start, as these components pack rather tightly together, thus preventing your items from being thrown around the luggage compartments. Even better, packing cubes can be used as a hanging dresser, and the mesh design will allow you to quickly see the content of each cube in a single glance. When packing cubes are used, travelers gain the freedom of not even thinking about the state of their clothes and other essentials, which will always be safely tucked away.


In the era of mass consumption, we are used to overspending on luggage items in an attempt to be as practical as possible. Furthermore, despite the big price tag, the quality of construction is rarely at a high level, which then again pushes us to buy new luggage components after only a couple of months.

On the other hand, packing cubes rely on a simple, no-fuss design that should last for years to come. With its rip-stop shell and high-quality YKK zips, the normal wear and tear that comes with a nomadic lifestyle will be hardly noticeable. The nylon construction is not only durable, but it’s lightweight as well, which is of high importance to all individuals looking to embrace a minimalistic lifestyle and travel as light as possible.


While some people like to travel and experience new things on a daily basis, others are forced to do it as an integral part of their business. They do have one thing in common though, as both groups know all too well just how hectic life on the road can get.

In order to reduce the clutter and always be ready to go, one should have some basic items such as toiletries always packed and prepared ahead of time. A packing cube that is dedicated to this purpose can go a long way. It allows you to simply transfer all of your essentials from one bag to another without missing a single step. That is a proven time saver.

A capacity of 7L per cube is more than enough for most travelers anyway, and due to the fact that a single pack contains 3 cubes, even those who love to carry a lot of luggage will be satisfied with the amount of space this system provides.

Standard's Packing Cubes protect your clothes and keep you organized. Learn More → 

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