The Benefits of Using Packing Cubes While Travelling

Packing has now become somewhat of a sport (and not a very fun one!). With the increasing restrictions and skyrocketing fees associated with carry-on bags and luggage on airlines, it has become critical to pack as efficiently as possible. Travel accessories such as packing cubes are quickly becoming a popular choice for many travelers wishing to make the job of getting organized a little bit more easy.

Packing cubes for travel bags


Packing cubes are containers made of light weight fabric with mesh sides, zip up, and are relatively small. Many manufactures offer them in regular as well as slim fit styles.  Although typically rectangular or square in shape, they can also be purchased in a variety of different shapes as well as sizes. These ultimate travel organizers aid in helping maximize the most space in your bags and allow you to fit more of your belongings in a more organized and efficient manner, while using minimal amount of space.



For the minimalist or one bag -carry-on traveler, the benefits of using packing cubes while travelling are quite vast and endless. You can fit a whole lot more of your belonging into your carry-on luggage when using this clever little pouch, due to the building block shape of the cubes. They are extremely versatile and easy to use and playing a little bit of Tetris (learning to stack them properly) will surely allow you to fit them neatly into every available inch of your pack.

Many avid and experienced travelers agree that packing light and organizing your items will make for a much more pleasant and easy going trip.


Packing cubes are invaluable organizers that will sort out all of your essentials, making all of your items super accessible and easy to find. The use of these organizing pouches also increases the likelihood that your belongings will remain well kept and very tidy. They also allow you to separate your clean clothes from any soiled items, and help you to keep the inside of your luggage fresh and clean.


While traveling, you may not always have the comfort of a nice, fresh and clean pillow. Whether you find yourself on an impromptu camping trip or having to stay in questionable hostels, rest assure that using one of your packing cubes filled with clothing will suffice. 


If you’re planning on using your cubes to store your dirty laundry, chances are that you’ll most likely be wanting to clean them. This can be easily done by just throwing them into your laundry and hanging them to dry.

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  • steve warshaw

    I am interested in the luggage, but I don’t understand the packing cubes. How is it that adding additional material can allow you to pack more into the bag? that doesn’t seem physically possible.

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