Why you need to embrace minimalism to become a Digital Nomad

Quantity doesn’t always equals quality. Unfortunately, we live in a time where we are constantly being bombarded by advertisement which force us to acquire a bunch of stuff we don’t even need. 

Embrace Minimalism to become a Digital Nomad

Still, we as Digital Nomads are a special kind of people who refuse to live by the rules. We tend to be less tied up by material belongings than an average person, so fully embracing minimalism might be our ideal way to happiness. Here is why.

Money, money, money

After you’ve read the subtitle above, you probably expected to see an explanation of why you don’t need money to be happy. Although this is partly true, it is far away from an absolute fact. Even though digital nomads usually don’t make a ton of money, it is more than enough to cover for traveling and the basic needs. However, if you accept the minimalist lifestyle, you won’t need to spend any money on the stuff you don’t need. As a direct consequence, it will double the amount you have in your pocket, and enable you to travel where ever you want. Also, if you decide to stick to one spot, you will have more money for day to day use. Sounds like a win-win.

Get to know the real you

This one is all about the self-perception. We get so stuck with material possessions that we forget what’s really important, and that could be a good way to depression. Chasing material goods will never give you the satisfaction as reaching your inner peace will. By depriving yourself of the stuff you don’t need, you will get to see things more clearly, and understand who you are as a person. Job should never determine who you are, as people are so much more that corporate robots. You became a digital nomad to escape from that stuff, haven’t you?

Traveling light is the way to go

In some of our previous articles, we wrote about how much easier it is to travel light, and why the backpack is the ideal travel companion. Imagine getting stuck on tight cobbled streets, pushing your way through a bunch of people while carrying a huge luggage. Doesn’t sound all that interesting, does it? Besides that, it is so much cheaper to fly with just one bag, which once again equals more money in your pocket. Who would’ve thought that you can get so much while sacrificing so little?


Once you realize how happy you’ve become by getting rid of all the stuff you didn’t need, you will get the urge to yell like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. By embracing minimalism, you will get the most out of the stuff you have, eliminating those other things that drag you down. Think of it as losing weight. You will feel much more in control without having to worry about what the other people think of you. There is no greater joy than living your life the way you want to, answering to no one but yourself. If you get rid of the things that hold you back, you will be able to make this transformation a lot quicker than you think.

Taking a chance

Being a digital nomad is a choice. At the end of the day, this does not have to be a lifetime thing. However, you will never know what it feels like until you give it a go. As with most things in life, the worst is getting stuck in the middle. Instead of getting the best of both worlds, you will have difficulties living your life to the fullest. Sure, it is tough to leave all those memories behind, and take only the necessities with you, but there is no better way to find out what make you happy like leaving it all behind, and grabbing onto something new with both hands. Take a chance to discover true joy today!

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