Water Proof Backpack: Why You Should Get One!

Whether you love the rain or hate it, you can’t avoid it altogether especially if you move around a lot. Some of the most beautiful places on earth have rainy weather. For people who move frequently from place to place for work or pleasure, it is a good idea to invest in a water-proof daily backpack.

Water-Resistant Backpack

At Standard Luggage, we offer an amazing water-resistant backpack that we love to brag about. Here are some reasons why our backpack is awesome:

Our backpack is, of course, water-resistant and easy to clean

This entire article is about our water-resistant backpack, so this is a no brainer! Our daily backpack is made of high-quality 310D polyurethane sealed nylon which is known for its high water-resistance. It is also durable and easy to clean.

Whether you live in a rainy city or are frequently on the go, this great backpack will protect your belongings and keep your things safe and dry! If you are in Portland or Seattle on a wet day, you will feel fortunate to have this backpack.

We also provide an extra rain cover to fully protect your backpack during torrential downpours that can soak through your bag.

Our daily backpack comes with anti-theft features

If you hop from place to place a lot, it is important to think of how to keep the contents of your bag safe. You probably use buses, trains, and cabs very often.  You may regularly find yourself in crowded neighborhoods.

So how to keep your things safe? Our anti-theft backpack is your ideal solution! It comes with lockable YKK zips and boasts a snug design that hugs your body making it almost impossible for someone else to access it unnoticed. Great way to hinder thieves and pickpockets, right?

Our backpack has an RFID-secure pocket

Electronic pickpocketing is real, and our backpack comes with an RFID-blocker pocket that protects you from it. Credit card and identity information are no longer hard to steal like they used to be. Thieves don’t have to physically steal from you anymore.

Without an RFID blocker, thieves can gain access to your RFID credit card information by simply standing next to you with an RFID scanner and you will not have a clue.

Our modern backpack lets you ensure the safety of your digital information.  If you are like other travelers who want to protect their debit and credit card information as well as their identity, our RFID blocker is exactly what you need!

Our backpack has a dedicated and cushioned laptop pocket

Do you tend to carelessly dump your laptop in the main compartment of your backpack? If so, here is what you need to know.

Laptops can be fragile and susceptible to damage when mishandled. Although small bumps and jolts may not seem like a problem, they can destroy your laptop slowly. If you’ve spent a pretty penny on your laptop, you would definitely want to ensure that it lasts you for as long as possible.

Even if jerks and bumps don’t pose a problem, we often leave many things in our backpacks. Imagine an unfortunate lotion or sunscreen explosion in your bag? What will that do to your laptop? It is always advisable to keep your electronics in a separate compartment whenever possible.

Our water-resistant backpack comes with its own dedicated, cushioned laptop pocket that can accommodate a laptop of up to 15inches and a strap and velcro closure to secure the laptop in place.

It also has a cushioned tablet pocket where you can keep a tablet of up to 10 inches.

Our water-resistant backpack is a smart backpack with a charging port

Have you ever been stuck somewhere in a rainstorm with zero charges on your cellphone?

Or have you ever been in a gorgeous place with very little battery juice to take all the photos you wanted?

If you’re used to your electronic devices, you probably hate being off the grid. At Standard Luggage, many of our customers have faced this problem.

That is why our backpack includes an inbuilt USB charging port that helps you keep your electronics charged no matter where you are! You will never miss a picture-perfect moment. You will never find yourself unable to book an uber. You will always be able to reach someone when you need it.

Our water-resistant backpack also has a 3 in 1 design

Our super cool backpack also has a 3 in 1 design which lets you use it as a backpack, briefcase or messenger bag.

3-in-1 design

Since it has hideaway straps, you can simply tuck away the straps to convert the backpack into a messenger bag or briefcase. This feature is especially useful when you’re heading off to a client meeting or even cycling to work.

Who wouldn’t want such a versatile and multi-purpose bag?

Our water-resistant backpack is designed for smart organization

If you’re a compulsive neat freak or someone who likes things organized neatly, you will love our backpack. We have designed it thoughtfully keeping in mind the need to organize and segregate your belongings for everyday use into different compartments.

raincover backpack

The backpack has several internal pockets to help you store away things separately. It has three external pockets for quick-grab items like keys, phone and passport.

It has a large document pocket to keep documents and large notebooks as well as a smaller notebook sleeve to keep small notebooks and notepads.

This backpack also comes with separate compartments for cameras and lenses and will make a great buy for both professional and amateur photographers.

Finally, our backpack is ergonomic and extremely comfortable

Our water-resistant daily backpack also boasts an ergonomic design making it very easy to carry around.

It has adjustable and padded straps to protect your shoulders and back. An ill-fitting backpack can cause muscle tension and back pain whereas improper straps can scrape against your skin. Always adjust your straps to make sure your backpack sits as close to your back as possible. 

The days of poor-quality materials and soggy backpacks are over. Today, you have easy access to high-quality backpacks that can survive any weather and any landscape. Choose yours wisely.

We stand by the quality of our water-resistant backpack and it comes with a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

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