9 Tips for Choosing the Best Travel Backpack for Men in 2023

With the steep rise in check-in baggage fees, many people have started using travel backpacks for their travels instead of just for hiking, as was the norm a few decades ago. When it comes to travel backpacks for backpacking or business trips, we have way too many choices. Yet, many of us end up choosing the wrong backpack. 

Choosing the Best Travel Backpack for Men

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This is one item that can either make or break your trip. If you’re a man who is constantly on the move, we have put together a list of things for you to consider when choosing a travel backpack.

Size of the Travel Backpack Should Conform to Airline Regulations

When you’re shopping around for the best travel backpacks for men, size is an important consideration.

Ideally, you want a carry-on bag that you can take with you in the cabin. After all, who wants to wait in baggage check-in lines or in front of crowded luggage carousels?

Although airline rules may slightly vary, most airlines have a carry-on bag size restriction of 45 linear inches which means that if you add the length, width and height of your bag, it should not be more than 45 inches. The most common backpack configuration is 22" x 14" x 9". 

Carry on sized backpack

Get a front-opening or front-loading backpack

Front-loading backpacks are the best no matter what kind of traveler you are. They unzip all the way around like a suitcase.

They give you easy access to all your things and you won’t have to mess up your packing to access the items at the bottom.

Choose a good backpack brand

This may seem like a no-brainer but when we say choose a good backpack brand, we don’t mean buy an expensive high-end brand. We mean shop around for good backpacks with a good reputation.

Don’t cheap out when it comes to travel backpack quality. When you find a backpack that fits your requirements, look up its online reviews to make sure it is recommended by customers.

If the intended travel time is long or if you’re a frequent traveler, you should invest in a durable and high-quality brand that will last for a long time and not give up on you in a few months.

You will be spending a lot of time in airports, buses, lines, dusty roads, and God knows where else with your backpack and other backpacking gear. The main qualities to look for in a good backpack are: 

  • Adapts to your body shape and height
  • Provides equal distribution of weight
  • Can fit your belongings safely
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Easy to pack and unpack
  • Meets your budget 

Your backpack shape should suit your size and build

As we mentioned earlier, the reputation of your backpack matters. But, don’t make the mistake of buying a backpack simply because your friend or colleague recommended it.

Just because a backpack worked well for someone else doesn’t mean it will work well for you. Your size and build are bound to be different and so will be the type and size. Your backpack must feel right on your back.

Even if you don’t intend to climb mountains with it, you will at the very least be walking through crowded airports and bustling cities. If your backpack isn’t comfortable, your back and neck are likely to suffer.

Square and rectangular backpacks are usually the best for equitable weight distribution.

The best thing to do is to go to a store to try on a backpack you like, stuff it with the equivalent of 20 lbs and walk around the store with it.

Backpack Straps Should Be Comfy

We understand how backpack straps may seem inane to you, but the straps are just as important as the shape.

A good backpack will come with padded shoulder straps to ensure that your bag sits well on your back and feels comfortable

For equitable weight distribution, your bag should also have a padded hip strap. When you secure the hip strap tightly around your hip area, it will take some of the weight off your shoulders and distribute it around the hip region.

Some backpacks even come with hideaway backpack straps that can be concealed to make your bag look like a suitcase bag if required. 

Carry-on Backpack

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Internal Frame or External Frame Backpacks

Internal frame backpacks usually come with a huge internal compartment and one or two zippered external compartments. On the other hand, external frame backpacks come with several small external compartments for better organization.

Internal frame lightweight backpacks are a “back-friendly” option, especially for long trips. External frames can be heavy and should be avoided although they can carry more things.

Internal frame backpacks are more stylish and make moving around easy as the frames are made of carbon fiber or strong plastic.

Opt for a backpack with water-resistant and lightweight material

Any backpack made of water-resistant material is considered good. Opt for a lightweight material which dries quickly.

Ideally, the bag material should be able to keep your things dry even if you get caught in a downpour.

Many backpacks also come with rain covers to protect your valuables and keep them dry even in very wet weather.

Backpack ventilation is important

Good backpacks have a back panel made of suspended mesh which is breathable and provides enough ventilation between your bag and back to prevent excessive sweating.

Your backpack should ideally come with a laptop sleeve

If you are a digital nomad, a blogger or someone who frequently is frequently away on business trips, you will most likely need to carry your laptop with you.

Laptop Pocket

For this reason, your backpack should ideally come with a detachable laptop sleeve. A laptop sleeve is a case to protect your laptop from dust, debris or minor bumps. It also has the added advantage of allowing easy access to your electronics at airport security.

Buying the right backpack involves making sure that comfort blends with usefulness. Many backpacks nowadays are split up into two classes, cheap but good-looking or those that offer comfort, utility, and style all in one.

Finally, the material and build quality of the backpack is important too. Make sure the backpack is made of rugged materials that can withstand wear and tear. Many backpacks come with a warranty, so make sure to check the details.

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