Standard Luggage Co. Discount, Coupon, & Promo Codes

At Standard Luggage Co, we do not offer discount codes. Our pricing is consistent for everyone and as-posted on our online store for all.

While many other companies employ a "charge what we can" model for online purchases, we instead choose be fair, transparent, and public with our pricing.

Therefore, you will not find a discount field on our checkout page.

What about Discount Sites?

You may be aware of many "discount sites" claiming to offer a promo code for our store. Unfortunately, these offers are fake, as we have no relationship whatsoever with these sites. Most of these sites operate under a "click-bait" business model wasting time of consumers with fake offers so that they can display ads or get them to sign up for spam.

Unfortunately, there is little we can do about these nuisance pages and the misinformation posted.

If you found this page, we're hoping we can let you know before you become inconvenienced by wasting time visiting these pages. 

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