Why you need an "Inbox Zero" strategy to keep you productive and focused

Decluttering always helps. Getting rid of the unnecessary stuff that clogs up our living space is one thing, but the most important thing is to clear up space inside our heads. However, that can be a difficult ordeal in modern times. We are constantly bombarded by news coming from every possible media source, so much so that at times, it becomes impossible to ignore.

Even worse, those information is oftentimes brought right to our doorstep, or in this case, email inbox. In no time, these things get clogged up and practically impossible to maintain. Achieving an empty inbox, otherwise known as Inbox Zero strategy, becomes the key to remaining as productive as possible. Here are a couple reasons why you need to stick to it as much as possible.

Maintain a clear line of communication

First of all, how can you even focus on the new emails, if you still haven’t read any of the old ones? Responding to offers in a timely manner is the cornerstone of any serious business, and even more important for digital nomads, who use emails as pretty much the basic form of communication. By clearing away all spam messages that somehow got through and answering to those who waited for long enough, you will be able to monitor all the incoming messages that might be very important.

Keep the momentum going

OK, so what is the major deterrent to productivity? Judging by our experiences, it’s the distractions that lurk from every corner. How many times have you stopped your progress by deciding to take a quick look at the social media? If you have done that in the past, you can probably relate to the fact that these short trips usually last for an hour. Or two. Before you know it, all the productivity you had is long gone and you’re tired as a dog.

The similar principle can be applied to emails as well. Once you take your eyes off of the goal you’re trying to pursue, your productivity suddenly drops. Even a brief couple of minutes is more than enough to halt the progress and set you mind firing in an entirely unexpected direction. Constricting your mind to the task at hand, without allowing it to wander around is vital for keeping the productivity at the expected levels.

Teach yourself to develop a certain routine

Military is famous for keeping strict rules when it comes to allowed types of behavior. All of this is done for a good reason. By providing people with a structure to follow, they are forced to focus on everything that needs to be done in order to accomplish the set out goals. In a way, this creates a buffer zone that excludes all of the outside distractions.

Most important of all, a good set of routines provides an excellent base to develop a lust for hard work that can stay with you for the rest of your life. Can you imagine how awesome would it be to wake up, willing to work, without having to force yourself to even get out of bed? We know, we have gone a bit too far here, but it’s really true that all routines, including the inbox zero strategy, lead to developments of structure. Whether or not this one would work in your case, it’s up to you to decide.

Avoid the unnecessary stress

Even the stupid things, such as worrying about the hundreds of messages piling up in your inbox weigh you down, without you even realizing it. Did you ever have difficulties with finding the email you wanted from the past, due to a multitude of unread ones that kept showing up? Did you miss an important appointment as a direct result of it? If the answer is yes, then you realize just how annoying this can be. By adopting an inbox zero strategy, you completely prevent this possibility from ever becoming a reality, thus cutting down the possibility of any unnecessary stress.

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