Why you need a VPN while working remote

Remote working is now an industry standard, rather than an exception. However, with such a high number of people choosing this route, the question of security comes into play. Limiting access to your sensitive data becomes a number one priority for all the parties involved.

Using a technology called VPN, or virtual private networking is the answer. Cyber criminals are becoming more advanced than ever before, and if you want to avoid putting your data our there for the world to see, you might want to think about joining the wave of people using VPN. Remote workers around the world are embracing this new technology, and if you’re still not a part of this group, allow us to explain why you need to join in, ASAP. You wouldn’t want to be the one left behind, would you?

By using VPN, your data will be safely encrypted

By having VPN, you will be able to use your company resources from virtually any area of the planet that has access to the web. By using encryption, VPN is able to keep your data neatly stashed away from any unwanted access. Naturally, in order to use connect to proxy servers that are located miles away, you first need to possess a lot of passwords and certificates which prove your identity.

Even in the case of a breach, the encrypted data is not easily understandable to third parties. Therefore, the ones who are trying to spy on you will only get a handful of nothing, so any hacker attacks become completely useless.

Geo-blocking becomes a non-issue

In case you ever talk to digital nomads, one of the first things they will point out is the inability to access certain websites, because of their location. However, if you have VPN enabled on any of your devices, you will leave no digital trail of your whereabouts. To explain it simply, you can enjoy while sunbathing on the coast in Brazil, while the trackers will believe that you’re spending time in a coffee shop in the center of Boston.

Therefore, geo-blocking becomes a non-factor. Non only that, but if you by any chance have problems with censoring, you will be able to work around it by using a VPN. Online services, such as Netflix for instance, aren’t supported in every country in the world either. Can you imagine what your life would be like without access to your favorite TV shows and movies? Fortunately, with VPN, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Connecting to public networks also becomes much safer

Most people aren’t even aware of the dangers that come with connecting to public networks. Because this technology is oftentimes free and widely available to everyone, it makes it the ideal tool for those who are trying to steal your data. Millions of WiFi hotspots come with certain types of malware, and by choosing to use them, you are practically inviting trouble through your front door.

There are many types of malware, but some can even steal the most sensitive data you can have, such as your passwords and log in information. With that in mind, if you aren’t careful, you increase the risk of having your entire online identity stolen. By using VPN, you can be sure that you’re using a safe pathway to access all of the information you desire.

Is VPN free or not?

Naturally, due to the abundance of reasons we have just mentioned, we believe that you have at least some desire to use VPN from this day forward. This begs the question in most people’s minds, though, how much is it gonna cost? There is some good news here! Virtual private networking can be used completely free of charge!

Sure, if you choose the cheapskate route, you will have to live with certain things. Some of them include constant pop-up commercials which can be rather boring, limitations in regards to data transfer and session duration. However, no one can deny that they still get the job done. Which one of these plans works best? We will leave it up to you to decide.

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