Why it's so important to disconnect on your vacation

Are you in desperate need of a reset button, and you’re counting the days until vacation time? If so, don’t sweat it, many individuals worldwide are suffering through the same hardships such as yourself.

Disconnect while travelling

However, a huge number of people still fall on the same obstacle, and that is determining when it’s finally time to disconnect. Modern technology is so integrated in our everyday lives that it’s hard to simply pull the plug all of a sudden, and consequently, we end up spending a ton of time staring at screens instead of resting on the beach. In this article, we’ll try to explain why you need to put that phone and laptop down, and simply relax.

Get that well deserved sleep

On first look, this might seem like an odd thing to say, as for many individuals, sleeping during vacation is the last thing on their mind. Even if you consider yourself a party animal, having a 7-8 hours of sleep every night is vital for overall health.

Several major studies concluded that artificial brightness stemming from our laptops, tablets, or mobile phones can trick our minds into thinking that it’s still daytime. After a long exposure to these factors, you may actually develop insomnia, and that’s no joke. We know that turning off our devices altogether takes some getting used to, so try this experiment on your vacation. Trust me, you’ll be surprised with the results.

Improve concentration

Human brain responds to stimulation in a very odd way. If you repeat a certain process long enough, you’ll get accustomed to it, and after a while, you’ll become a creature of habit. This is all fine and dandy if we’re speaking about hitting the weights or running, but believe it or not, you can also get used to checking out your gadgets all the time.

Consequently, your work is bound to suffer, as you’ll lack the discipline to fully focus on the job at hand. In the harsh money-driven world we live in, some people cannot afford the luxury to be scatter-brained all the time. Naturally, if you get rid of those distractions, you’re more than likely going to improve your attention span, and that can have tremendous results on your productivity.

Live in the moment

Let’s imagine a certain scenario. You’re having a great time while visiting your dream destination and you stumble upon a picture perfect sunset. Understandably, you’ll probably instantly want to capture this memory with a camera, and truth be told, that only takes a few seconds.

However, some travelers don’t settle for this move, and they immediately try sharing their experience through some of the well-known social media apps. While it may sound ridiculous, many of those individuals spend the next several minutes responding to messages and counting the number of likes. When they finally come to, the magical moment is sadly gone. Although this happens all the time, and truth be told, is nothing tragic, wouldn’t it be better to just enjoy the view and perhaps deal with social media during your spare time?

Avoid the stress

Sure, being a reliable worker is an important part of adult life, but it’s also absolutely vital to know when it’s time to pump the brakes and escape from all the fuss. You might believe that you’re already used to leading this fast-paced life, but our bodies can only take so much. All the built-up stress will eventually start to wear you down, and when that alarm bell rings, it’s time to hit the road.

Ultimately, it won’t do you any good if you spend half of your holiday talking to your colleagues and supervisors. The solution? Try to work out all the possible kinks before you leave. Perhaps even consider leaving your phone on „do not disturb“ mode, and call back only in case of a true emergency. After you recharge your batteries for a couple days, you’ll be ready to take on more challenges, and you’ll have the necessary energy and creativity to perform to your highest potential. It definitely pays off in the long run!

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