What’s an immunity passport and how will it affect travel?

A few months ago, it seemed as if the terrible news regarding coronavirus was finally starting to turn for the better. The number of cases was going down across the board, and countries around the world were starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Unfortunately, another curve ball happened to be just around the corner, as the new wave of this disease started once again, bringing fear to millions of people around the globe. It comes as no shock that international travel is becoming a luxury only a few can afford these days, but can the situation be improved through the implementation of immunity passports? That is what we’re about to examine in the article below.

How does immunity passport work?

At this moment, renowned scientists are working around the clock, hoping to find a vaccine that would make this nightmare stop. Unfortunately, this is usually a tedious process that takes quite a while, and for the time being, no solution is yet present. With that in mind, some great strides were made during the previous months that give us a lot of hope for the future.

Currently, the most used tests are those that detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 inside the body, and they are only valid for 72 at most. This gives the travelers very little wiggle room when it comes to arranging flights and booking plans. The tests that determine the presence of antibodies are also in use, but they should only become more sophisticated and accurate as time moves on.

Once the tests become so precise that they are able to clearly determine the existence of antibodies in the system, it will be possible to rely on immunity passports. When that happens, it will be easier to identify the people who have the necessary immune response to the virus. In that sense, the immunity passport will allow that to travel without the need for constant checkups.

Why are countries around the world so interested in this idea?

It’s not difficult to realize just how devastating the pandemic was for people around the globe. Not only that many have lost their loved ones, but the question of crumbling economic stability still remains active, and according to some estimations, the prognosis for the future are not the best either.

One thing that brings hope to millions of people around the world is the work of experts who are trying to create a vaccine that would provide us with immunity to this virus. There are plenty of doubters that are willing to throw all logic out the window when it comes to these sorts of things, but the general consensus is that a cure in the form of vaccine would be the quickest way to get us back to our everyday lives with no fear or the necessity for social distancing.

Immunity passports would present the quickest way to once again establish the unobstructed flow of people and products. While some industries, such as the online shopping sites prospered, there were millions of others who had to close down their businesses in this ever-changing landscape. Because of that, for lots of people, immunity passports could not come fast enough.

With no quarantine, people would be more inclined to travel

The fear kept people in their homes, and as a consequence, those who live off of the travel industry have suffered a great deal. Additionally, those who were forced to travel due to work and other obligations were faced with constant quarantines upon crossing of borders in many countries. This was a huge waste of time that not many people could afford. However, as it was a measure of precaution employed to keep everyone safe, we all had to endure it while it lasted.

With the implementation of immunity passports, this would no longer be an issue. By having a certificate of health in your back pocket, you should be able to skip the long lines of people, as you would have proof that you are immune to coronavirus due to antibodies in your system. That would be a welcomed sight for those who are itching to get back out there and head for the remote destinations of their dreams.

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