Top Locations for Digital Nomads who love Cycling

I love Cycling. I ride my Fixie Bike all around Toronto all the time.  Cycling is one of the best physical exercises of all time. It doesn’t put as much stress on your joints, as let’s say running does, but it will still get the muscles working and blood pumping. Furthermore, it is a fun activity that you can enjoy in with your friends, or own your own with noting but a clear mind and a nice piece of road ahead.

Best Cycling Locations for Digital Nomads

Still, Digital Nomads are used to moving from place to place, and let’s face it, not all cities are ideal for this sort of action. If cycling is something that’s a must have, you will enjoy in the article below, as we count down the best locations for all you bicycle lovers out there. Let’s jump right into it.

  1. Munich, Germany

Munich for Cycling Digital Nomads

Known for the wonderful architecture, Munich is also among the best European cities for cyclists. Not only that you’ll get to enjoy the sights, cycling is also an ideal way to get around the busy city center. With specially marked routes and detailed maps where ever you look, bike riding becomes super easy. Rental companies are fairly cheap and available on every corner. The only downside is the weather, which can be cold and windy, so make sure you bring a jacket along.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Beunos Aires for Cycling Digital Nomads

Proudly presenting South America, Buenos Aires holds the fourth place on our list. Just a few years back, this place wasn’t very urban, but the authorities made an effort to transform it into the modern city of today, and fortunately, they didn’t forget about cyclists. It’s staggering to think that in the previous 5 years, nearly 100 miles of bicycle infrastructure has been created. Naturally, because it was built in such a short amount of time, it is not perfect yet, but patience is the key word here. While the tracks might have obstacles at some spots, and are narrower than desired, we have no doubt that these small issues will be fixed in the future.

  1. Montreal, Canada

Montreal for Cycling Digital Nomads

A lot of you probably assumed that Montreal will be taking the number 1 spot, but not today. Although this place is known for their brilliant bike-friendly infrastructure, the fact is that it’s not perfect. The bike-sharing system can be pricey, and once you step out of the city center, there won't be too many cyclist lanes present any more, and you will be forced to deal with heavy traffic. Still, not everything is bad. In case you stick to the well known lanes, present here from 1980’s, you will have no trouble at all. Furthermore, with so many individuals riding bicycles everywhere you look, it will be a great motivation to keep up with this healthy lifestyle!

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen for Cycling Digital Nomads

Let me tell you something, it was a difficult choice to select the best city for cyclists. Copenhagen was just barely edged out, and will have to settle for the number two spot. The Danish capital is getting more involved with cycling with each year, and it’s just a matter of time until it becomes the bike capital of the world. From new urbanistic plans to building bridges specifically for cyclists, the town leaders are doing their best to make it work. Natives have welcomed these changes, and you will be amazed by the sheer number of cyclists you will see on a regular basis. Still, not enough to call it a winner.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam for Cycling Digital Nomads

The biggest Dutch city still holds the number one spot after all these years. If you’ve ever been here, you know what we are talking about. Without exaggeration, bike-sharing system is so crazy here, that you will be completely blown away. Good luck trying to get around town in your car, I’ll tell you that much. While there are a lot of cyclist lanes, the narrow streets are not ideal to make this work, but the locals are so used to this transport system that they would have it any other way. It has even become the city's trademark. See it to believe it!

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