Top Locations for Digital Nomads in 2023

For those who are feeling a strong urge to change something, but don’t know where to start, a complete change of life scenery may be just what the doctor ordered. The best way to achieve such a thing is to pack your bags and head to a different country where you’ll be able to work as a digital nomad.

Naturally, not all places are the same, and depending on the choice you make, your entire experience may greatly vary. In this article, you will get a chance to check out some of the best destinations for digital nomads in the year 2023. Here’s where you can start.

Medellin, Colombia

In the past, Colombia was not primarily known as a top destination for digital nomads, but things are changing, and in the year 2023, Medellin even found its way onto our list. Similar to most other people in South America, Colombians are also known for their love of life, and we are sure that you’ll notice such a thing after just a couple of days spent here.

What’s also great in Medellin is the food, climate which is not too hot but not cold either and the infrastructure which goes one step above most of the neighboring countries. The costs of living are especially great when compared to many of the other entries in this article, which also helps with its ranking. In total, if you are looking for a vibrant place to give you fresh energy, Colombia deserves more than an honorable mention.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

When a country is actively trying to attract entrepreneurs like the United Arab Emirates has been doing for the past number of years, eventually you are bound to gather a significant population of the foreign workforce. Moreover, the infrastructure that follows this growth has simply exploded in recent years, and Dubai is now home to as many skyscrapers as the eye can see.

Now, when it comes to the costs of living, Dubai is not the cheapest place in the world, especially considering the price of rent, which can be substantial. However, with so many opportunities to make money, it’s no wonder why this place is thriving. Ultimately, if you want to feel safe, pay incredibly low taxes and enjoy modern surroundings, Dubai offers all of that and lots of other things as well.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon recently got into the news due to their decision to provide visas for digital nomads, and this only made it an even more desirable destination for remote workers. The vividly colored streets, some of the best sweets you’ll ever gonna find and stunning architecture are just some of the things that make Portugal such a hot destination.

What’s even more appealing to nomads is the fact that this country is not too expensive when it comes to the costs of living. Additionally, Lisbon is only one destination that is popular in Portugal, but if you ever decide to explore the neighboring cities, you’ll be in for quite a ride. Expect Lisbon to find its place on similar lists for years to come.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

On one side you have the mountains, on the other stunning beaches, and in the middle, the great city of Rio De Janeiro, one of the best cities digital nomads can call home for the year 2023. Of course, for the occasional visitors, Rio is best known for their Carnival, the love of football and samba, but the truth is that this place offers so much more than that.

The general internet coverage is good throughout the city, you can find affordable housing, and with each day, there are more and more co working spaces and coffee shops suitable for working. When it comes to other things, such as social security and infrastructure, things are also looking up, which makes Rio De Janeiro a viable option for the year ahead of us.

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