These are the best passports to hold

Owning the most powerful passport in the world is every traveler’s desire. Wouldn’t it be great to fly to every destination imaginable, without having to deal with tons of annoying paperwork? Unfortunately, only a small portion of world population can get access to these documents, while the rest of us are still stuck waiting for visas.

Best Passport to Hold

The real question is, what is the country that offers the best passport to its residents? Well, the answer might catch you by surprise. The list of the strongest passports in the world was always predominantly filled with European countries, but lately, there has been some changes near the very top. Check it out!

Number 5

We start off the list with several countries of Western Europe. Some of them are quite small, such as Luxembourg, Switzerland and Netherland, but there are also some of the most worldwide known nations, such as France and Portugal. Besides the aforementioned countries, Belgium and Austria complete the circuit. If you happen to own a passport from one of these places, you’ll get access to 155 countries in the world. That’s definitely a well respected number, but wait till you see what other passports have to offer.

Number 4

You might’ve noticed that previous spot was dominated by European countries, and well, if I’m being honest, the situation remains pretty much the same with number 4 on our list. However, there’s one exception to the rule, as we come across the first proud representative of Asia, none other than Japan! This amazing place is well known for its traditions, but Japan also has one of the world’s most powerful passports, which opens doors to 156 nations worldwide. Other countries with similar results include the United Kingdom, Finland, Italy, Spain, Norway and Denmark. The climate in these countries isn’t ideal, but living here comes with a lot of perks, with passports being one of them.

Number 3

Compared to the previously mentioned nations, these two majestic countries have one-upped the competition, by giving access to 157 nations across the globe. What’s interesting about these two countries is the fact that they couldn’t be any more different from each other. One is Sweden, while the other is, believe it or not, South Korea! Yep, they may not have the best neighbors in the world, but at least they can travel to many countries visa-free. Hey, it’s something!

Number 2

We finally came to the runner-up, and that title belongs to Germany! It’s no wonder why this nation has such a strong passport; at the end of the day, they happen to be one of the wealthiest nations in whole of Europe, and that’s no small feat. Germans also don’t have to worry about acquiring a visa all that much, as they can travel to 158 countries without losing sleep. Of course, they also drive some of the finest cars money can buy, and get to eat Bavarian pretzels for breakfast every day. What’s not to like?

Number 1

It’s safe to say that we can give you about 10 minutes to guess, and that you’d never think of a nation that holds the number 1 spot on this list. Are you ready to give up? The answer is guaranteed to shock you, as the number 1 spot belongs to Singapore! This mighty passport opens doors to 159 countries on the planet, and that’s a truly impressive accomplishment for such a tiny nation! After Paraguay decided to remove the visa for residents of Singapore, this nation shot up to the number 1 spot, and it never looked back! Do you think that it will stay there for long?

Oh yeah, and just in case you were wondering where the United States landed on this list, know that they occupy the number 6 slot, just outside the power rankings. This, of course, happened after Turkey and The Central African Republic decided to revoke the visa-free status several months ago. Let’s hope that things can iron out in the future once again.

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