The Top 5 Countries Offering Digital Nomad Visas

It’s been a long time coming, but it seems that the unfortunate thing such as a virus outbreak was finally enough to change people’s minds and help them to understand that life is short, and that exploring unknown countries while working remotely is an option worth considering.

Governments around the world realized that this shift towards remote work is inevitable, and they loosened up the existing laws to allow for digital nomad visas. As things stand right now, there is a plethora of countries to choose from that offer this unique option, and in this article, we will try to help you to narrow down your choice to 5 ideal candidates. Let’s get to it!


One of the best destinations for travelers in general has also become an idyllic location for digital nomads. How come? Well, Mauritius authorities now allow for nomad visas which can last up to one year but can be renewed after that time passes.

The costs of living in Mauritius come to about $1500 a month, which makes it a bargain, considering that this destination boasts some of the prettiest beaches in the world. We left the best news for the end. This type of visa is currently absolutely free of charge! So, if your plan to travel included a remote destination with a stunning seaside view that’s also very affordable, you cannot go wrong with Mauritius.


A colorful country filled with friendly locals, located in the Caribbean and a place where you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck, Colombia is a notable destination for first-time travelers. It’s located close to the United States, and yet, it offers a completely unique view of the world, where people enjoy life to the fullest.

The Digital Nomad Visa lasts for up to two years in Colombia, and similar to other countries, you will need to honor several things in order to obtain it, such as providing proof that you work for a company based outside of Colombia, as well as a proof of earnings which amounts to 3 average Colombian salaries.


In the previous article, we have already covered in detail the news regarding Portugal’s new Remote Work Visa, but we simply couldn’t leave it out of this list regardless. This hidden gem of Europe is not as frequently mentioned as some other European countries such as France or Spain, but that only makes it better.

Delicious food, a good climate and one of the best sunsets in the world is just one part of what makes Portugal so stunning. If you fall in love with this place, and we have no doubt that will happen very fast, you can extend your stay even further by applying for a temporary resident visa, which will give you up to 5 years to explore it even further.


For many people, Dubai looks like a land of opportunity, and the economic growth that occurs from year to year in this country only proves this point. Right now, all digital nomads that want to give Dubai an opportunity can apply for a working visa for $287.

This list of requirements for this is not very long, and it only includes the basic things such as proof of medical insurance, employment and your earning potential. What separates Dubai from other destinations is the fact that this country can serve as a hub where you can meet tons of similar-minded working professionals, and perhaps establish connections that can help in your work for the future.


If you plan to visit a country that’s completely different than anything you’ve ever seen before, give Iceland a chance. Where else can you see black sand, active volcanos, icy mountains and northern lights, all in one spot?

There’s just one thing though, Iceland can be awfully expensive. In fact, it sits firmly near the top of the world’s most expensive countries. Therefore, the list of demands for a visa is quite long, but the most prominent one is the average income which has to exceed $6500. If you are able to do that, Iceland is a destination like no other.

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