The Best (US) Credit Cards for Business Travel

Running a successful business in today’s economy is nearly an impossible task, but there are some perks that come with it. The development of Internet certainly helped, as people don’t have to waste all that time traveling from one part of the globe to another to get things done all that often.

Best Business Credit CArds

However, there comes a time where it’s absolutely essential to sort some things out in person. If you belong in this group, and you’re used to traveling all the time, why not use it to your advantage. Getting a credit card that offers terrific rewards for business travelers is definitely a step in the right direction. In the article below, we’ll name some of the best ones you can currently choose from. Let’s begin!

Capital One Spark Miles for Business

There are many reasons why travelers should look deeper into this credit card, and one of the main advantages can be found with its huge bonus miles program. If you spend over $4,500 within the first three months, you’ll receive a one time bonus of insane 50,000 miles! Furthermore, with the ability to earn up to 2 reward miles for every dollar spent on purchases, this might be your best option right off the bat. It’s also important to mention that the first year is free of charge, while you’ll be agreeing to a $95 annual fee after that. This card sure brings some amazing rewards, but it also offers truly respectable fees that won’t break the bank.

The Business Platinum Card from American Express OPEN

While the Capital One’s card was pretty affordable when it comes to maintenance, this one from American Express will set you back $450 in annual fees. With that in mind, why would anyone in their right mind get to choose it? Well, wait till you hear about the perks that come with it.

First of all, there's the unreal 50,000 reward points. Still, this is intended for those that like spending, as it comes after you spend $10,000 from your account. But wait, it doesn’t stop there. Travelers will also get a chance to collect Airline bonuses of 35%, and the limit is set at 500,000 bonus points during one calendar year.

Travel Rewards Credit Card from Bank of America

In case you’re tired of paying those annoying fees, the Bank of America may have a solution for you. Despite its lack of an annual fee, this card does indeed offer some interesting rewards, with the most intriguing one bringing 1.5 reward points per every dollar spent. Each point is worth 1 cent, but if you are a frequent traveler, those numbers add up pretty quickly. Naturally, not everything can be perfect, and in this case, it’s the sign-in bonus, which rounds up to $200. You can never have it all.

The Blue Business Plus Credit Card from American Express

You’re in constant need of office supplies and you don’t mind a dinner with clients or two along the way? Check out this terrific credit card. You’ll receive up to 1 point per dollar spent on purchases during the first year, and the limit is set at $50,000. One additional perk is an annual fee that’s free of charge, and that might also come in handy. Even is you spend some cash above your limit, you’ll get reward points to soften the blow. When the going gets tough, relax for a bit during a business meeting and take your colleagues to lunch. You’ll benefit from it either way.

American Express Starwood Preferred Guest

If you are an old-fashioned traveler who likes to spend time in hotels during his business travels, we don’t blame you. At the end of the day, getting a good night of sleep is sometimes absolutely vital. Still, pick this credit card, and your bank account will also look happier. With a big bonus you can earn in the first three months and a multitude of hotels at your disposal, we advise you to take a closer look at this offering. It might be just the thing you were looking for.

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