Should Digital Nomads be worried about Automation?

Why do people become Digital Nomads? Naturally, there is a flurry of different reasons, but the most common ones include escaping from an environment that makes us uncomfortable, having a desire to travel and see the world while introducing ourselves to different cultures, and so on.

Should Digital Nomads be Worried About Automation

Working from 9 to 5 doesn’t leave a lot of leeway for expressing ourselves as unique individuals, as after a while, life becomes nothing more than a simple routine. Living as a Digital Nomads seemingly provides a great way to escape from those traps in the easiest way possible. However, there are several traps no one told you about.

Become your own personal assistant

Only when you leave the safety net of a business structure, will you realize just how short the day actually is. Don’t worry, we are not trying to scare you, but this is the harsh reality. Working from your laptop remotely can be amazing, but only if you know how to organize your day. Wait a second, isn’t organization the thing most of are trying to escape from?

Well, yes and no, so please, let us elaborate. Having a strict schedule ahead can create stress, but it can also take it away. If you are among those individuals who are constantly working stuff out at the last minute, organizing yourself should become the number one priority. This task can present a problem for some people, but fortunately, there are a couple of brilliant solutions out there to take the anxiety away.

Have you considered automation?

Word automation often comes with a negative effect. Actually, human labor is only part of the equation, but when automation comes into play, the productivity raises exponentially. Furthermore, this term often relates to big corporations, but did you know that automation can improve quality of your life as well?

After investing some time and effort into sorting things out, it will result in freeing a lot of time in the future. Doesn’t that sound like a sweet deal? Here are some of the most popular tools which can be beneficial to digital nomads around the planet.


Selling a product is not easy, especially in the competitive market of today, and the factor which can make or break your chances is the marketing aspect. Hubspot offers a terrific platform for beginners to learn the fine craft of selling their stock, as well as finding a way to drive customers to their websites. Furthermore, this website has an excellent community, eager to help out whenever possible. Trust me, it will pay off eventually.


In the modern era, social media plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, with so many different platforms, it becomes nearly impossible to keep track of everything and remain on top. Still, there are a couple of useful tools designed to make your life easier, and one of the best options is certainly Buffer.

This terrific app can be monitored  from computer as well as smartphone, and it does a phenomenal job of compiling results, and filtering out the most important ones. It’s also possible to schedule posts and respond to notifications right from the app. If you aren’t too fond of the simplistic design, Hootsuite also offers the perfect alternative.


Among many different problems digital nomads face, communication is definitely worth mentioning. This is especially true if your line of work includes team meetings and sharing ideas. Well, with Slack, this issue will no longer be problematic. The platform is fairly simple, as it enables users to share their ideas through use of different channels.


In the business world, the concept of email marketing is highly underrated. Perhaps the very reason for that can be found in clumsy written emails, not getting through to the targeted audience. Well, Aweber offers fantastic delivery rates for just a small fee of $19 per month. Best of all, it comes with a free trial period of 30 days, which gives you plenty of time to check its effectiveness. It’d be a shame not to use it.

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