Remote Working Trends to Watch in 2019

In the past, progressive startups were the only ones pushing for this revolutionary idea of remote working. However, the situation has changed dramatically, and remote work and flexible working hours are now a standard operating mode for most major businesses around the world.

Remote Working in 2019

There is one catch here, though. The remote working practices are constantly evolving, and in order to reap all the benefits, you have to keep up with the trends. It’s not always easy to predict these things ahead of time, and jump on board before it’s too late, but there are a few trends that stand out above the rest. Let’s take a moment and find out what they are.

Technical skills are becoming increasingly important

While you did not necessarily have to be tech-savvy to become a remote worker in the past, it seems that the situation is changing with new trends. It’s no wonder why, as most jobs nowadays need to have a strong digital presence, and experts from the fields of web design and social media marketing are now in high demand. Regardless of the job position, workers will be required to become more technically skilled than ever.

Smaller companies will invest heavily in IT security

Yes, we have all heard of Facebook security breaches that left the whole country in a state of panic. It seems that we are all lead to believe that cyber security is something that large corporations need to think about, but the fact of the matter is that almost 75% of all cyber breaches happen to companies which have less than 100 employees.

Sooner or later, small company owners will have to realize that they need to invest in the IT security, almost to the point of it becoming a priority.

The transition towards specialists will continue

During the good old days, as our elderly would say, an employee needed to possess an impressive set of skills. However, somewhere along the way, studies based on productivity proved that having a team of specialists improves the overall productivity greatly. Ever since then, the workers who have an amazing skill set in a tight niche have become more and more valuable. This trend also bodes well for the remote workers, as their services have become highly sought-after.

Employers will be willing to invest in their workers

Unfortunately, we are not only talking about rewarding the workers with a higher paycheck. Instead, it seems that small business owners are finally starting to realize that the best thing they can do for their business is to invest in worker’s development. There are tons of learning programs and seminars on virtually any topic imaginable, it’s only a matter of your personal desire to grow and improve your knowledge. Several businesses have already introduced these programs of micro-learning, which take a step by step approach, but provide great results over time.

Co-working spaces will reach the most remote of locations

One of the main benefits of remote working is the ability to travel the world. Us, digital nomads, have embraced this concept years ago, but in recent years, there have been literally hundreds of thousands newcomers ready to change their lifestyle. It’s only a manner of time before the popularity of co-working spaces skyrockets.

In 2018, we’ve already seen many new co-working spaces opening up around the globe, located mostly in popular destinations for digital nomads. We expect to see more of that in years to come, with huge offices opening in some truly remote locations, such as the North Pole, for example! Too far?

Employers will work hard on improving a sense of community

Let’s face it; we would all love to work from home, out of bed, without the need to ever get out of pajamas. Sadly, once we eventually get there, we realize that not everything is as simple as it looks. Many remote workers start feeling lonely after a while, and it is their employer’s job to minimize those feelings as much as possible. That will probably be done through more online meetings, team building trips and, dare we say, even some cocktail parties?

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