It's time to explore places close to home. Here's some options:

The old saying goes that there’s no place like home, but after being stuck inside the four walls for who knows how long due to the Corona virus outbreak, we all want to get back out there and explore the unknowns. Still, while it seems like the worst has passed, we are still living in a world of uncertainty, which makes it almost impossible to plan for future trips.

Until the dust settles, perhaps the best decision we can all make is focus on the fun things we can do right in our neighborhood. Chances are that you have already visited some interesting places surrounding your home, but there’s no reason why you cannot do it for the second time. If you bring a new group of people with you each time, you will be able to create different memories altogether.

In this article, we will mostly be placing our attention on the easily accessible destinations in the United States. Here’s where you can start.

New York

No matter how many times you have been to New York, there is literally zero chance that you explored the nukes and crannies of this huge city. The Big Apple is an urban jungle like no other, and it’s bound to charm you with its multitude of tourist attractions, amazing architecture, great food and colorful people. Whether you prefer the daily sightseeing or you’re more inclined towards exploring the nightlife, New York offers it all.

The Grand Canyon

On the completely opposite side of the spectrum from the urban capital of the world we find a nature masterpiece known as the Grand Canyon. In case you live in Arizona, you are probably proud to call this place your home, but even if not, the Canyon is easily accessible from Las Vegas or Phoenix, and it’s also well connected through the road system, if you prefer the caravan life. No matter which way you go, once you arrive at this destination, your jaw will drop straight to the floor, as the Grand Canyon is one of the most unique places in the world. Make sure you bring your camera and a lot of memory cards, you’re gonna need it to capture all of the scenery, we guarantee it.


The city that loves to party so much it even inspired Will Smith to make a song about it. All jokes aside, but if you’re the type of person who enjoys being around lovely people, great weather and fantastic beaches, don’t look any further. Still, it’s not like Miami is only suitable for teenagers. Those who are fond of arts will get a chance to relax in the fabulous Art Deco District, and the fantastic mixture of cultures that exists within the city will leave a long-lasting impression on whoever decides to visit it. In case you live close by, Miami welcomes you with open arms.

Zion national park

For those who prefer to spend their holidays in pursuit of some physical activity, Zion national park is offering a landscape like no other. Regardless if you prefer hiking, trail running or swimming, it has it all. Still, the most astonishing feature about it are the trails, where you will have the option to pick your favorite out of 18 different ones. In case you find yourself in Utah, make sure to cross off this national park from your to-visit list.

Lake Tahoe

In case social distancing concerns you, why not visit a place such as Lake Tahoe, which offers an incredible amount of land, ideal for hiking away from the busy crowds. However, if the mesmerizing water starts looking irresistible somewhere along the way, you will also be able to take up kayaking and boating. This destination is also a great choice all year round, and it’s up to you whether you’ll decide to visit it during the summer or winter. There’s no wrong answer with the Lake Tahoe.

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