How to work ergonomically while travelling

Remote work is pure joy, until it becomes a burden. Most people feel a tremendous amount of relief once they finally gain enough courage to let go of their 9-to-5 identity and start living the life they intended to have. However, what happens once you hit a bump in the road?

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Sure, you love to travel, but traveling also takes energy, and it’s not an easy task having to work long hours after touring across the planet. How can you avoid the traveler’s fatigue? By putting yourself in the best position to succeed early on. Don’t be afraid to make a plan or two, it will make your life way easier in the long run. Here’s how to tackle these obstacles once they arise.

Try sticking to carry-on bags

On first look, this advice might seem counterintuitive to some individuals. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to get a nice modern 4-wheel suitcase instead, and pack all of your belongings nice and tightly? The answer is a firm NO, and here is why.

While this solution might work when you’re just getting ready to catch your flight, it does not really make sense in real life. Have you ever attempted to drag one of those gigantic suitcases across cobbled streets in Europe? What about picking it up and carrying it to the second floor in a hostel that has no elevator. Trust me, a much better solution would be to pack light, and force yourself to only pack a comfortable carry-on instead. You will quickly realize the benefits minimalism can bring.

Stop typing long emails on your phone

Let’s face it guys, whether we’d like to admit it or not, we are all pretty much addicted to these ever-evolving gadgets. If you don’t believe us, just take a few rides on the subway, but leave your phone at home, and watch how other people behave. We can almost bet that at least 80% will look at their phone for an extended period of time. Your neck does not need that stress.

But wait, what if you need your phone for work? We understand that you sometimes have to answer an urgent call or two, but leave those long emails for when you have a chance to sit behind a laptop or a desktop, and mind your posture!

Take breaks in order to stretch

This section in also related to the back or neck pain you might be feeling at the moment. The truth is, most of us tend to get so overwhelmed by work that we spend hours on end in a squeaky old office chair. How can you make it better for yourself?

Be conscious about taking 5 minute breaks from time to time, even put an alarm on your phone to remind you to do so, if necessary. Although you might not see the progress for a while, after a week or two, you will start feeling reborn.

Buy a quality laptop backpack

Hey, you are following all of these advices, but somehow, your back is still causing major issues. The solution might be more obvious than anticipated. Yep, you guessed it, that old worn out backpack you got so emotionally attached to, needs to go.

Don’t be afraid to replace it with some of the newer, ergonomically approved ones, your health is at stake here. Once you get rid of that nagging pain that keeps coming to the surface, your productivity is guaranteed to skyrocket!

Avoid dimly lit rooms

Hey, but why didn’t we address the headaches some travelers suffer from? Could the solution be found in medication?

Nope, there’s a better answer to these questions. To put it simply, if this is troubling you, chances are that you are spending huge chunks of time in dimly lit areas, which puts a huge strain on your eyes, and wear you out little by little. Just think of it in terms of night driving - most people find it to be very tedious and tiresome. Luckily, this problem is easily fixable, so get after it. It’s better than complaining about feeling tired all the time.

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