How to wash clothes while traveling

Packing less and traveling light is every modern traveler’s dream. With nothing but a backpack by your side, it becomes much easier to travel to even the most remote destinations. Truth be told, this choice comes with its downsides.

One of which is the number of laundry duties that you will have to bear. Additionally, washing clothes is not always easy when you find yourself on the road in a foreign country, but there are some ways in which you can make this task a whole lot easier. It includes using various products and smart solutions that we plan to further discuss in this article. So, here are some of our findings that will allow you to travel as you’ve always wanted and yet be comfortable at all times.

Hand washing the clothes

When in doubt, take matters into your own hands. Naturally, this includes some effort, the wait until the clothes dry and most importantly, it takes away from the overall traveling experience. Still, if you focus on choosing clothing items made from modern quick-drying and easy-to-maintain materials, this process can be significantly sped-up.

Synthetic materials are also lightweight, which will help not to weigh you down during your travels. If you decide to wash clothes on your own, you’ll also need to buy detergent or at least soap. It’s not necessarily practical, but if you’re in a money pinch, it’s certainly a viable option to have.

Check out if your accommodation offers these services

For those who are trying to find the most convenient solution, but are not worried by additional costs that might come your way, searching for accommodations that offer laundry services is the best possible option. A lot of places offer this feature, primarily in hotels, but you can also find it in some of the better-equipped private accommodations. Some private accommodations also include a washer/drier, which is a great, albeit rare sight.

Now, when it comes to price, it can vary depending on your destination, but the most expensive options tend to be located in Western Europe and the United States. In these cases, the price for a full laundry basket can reach up to more than $50! On the other hand, those same services in Asian countries will set you back no more than $15. Make sure to take that into consideration ahead of your trip.

Check out the map and find a laundromat

You see it in movies all the time, where people only need a couple of coins to wash their clothes in huge professional washing machines. Besides the mentioned coin-operated models, these machines now accept credit cards as well, making this option a lot more useful.

While you will have no issue with finding laundromats in most countries of Western Europe, there are also a ton of places around the world where this concept is completely foreign. However, in case you do run into it, it can be a cheap option that gives great results. In case you are busy with sightseeing, most laundromats also have staff members who will come to your address to pick up the laundry and return it once it’s washed. Just be prepared that this comes with additional costs, but it shouldn’t set you back a whole lot either way.

Use washing bags and other utilities

If you are an outdoors enthusiast who loves to hike in the wild and sleeps in a tent, you probably won’t have access to many of the aforementioned options. When that’s the case, you have to plan what you’re going to do with your laundry ahead of time.

Most people solve this problem by carrying transportable washing bags. These things tend to be lightweight and take up minimal amounts of space. When it comes to their usability, it depends on the model of your choice, but either way, it should be enough to serve you during a short trip. For a washing machine that fits in a pocket inside your carry-on, it’s more than useful.

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