How to hire remote employees

A great outsourcing plan can cut down your work hours in half, but a terrible one can burn a hole through your budget in a hurry, with no apparent results to show for. That is why it is of utmost importance to find a reliable work force, which will stay with your business through thick and thin.

Not only that you’ll be able to increase the profit of your company this way, but you’ll also free up a bunch of time that you can later use to make memories with your loved ones. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. The only thing that is left is to determine what is the best way to hire remote employees, and today, we decided to tackle that very question. Stick around and you will see some of the tested tactics that provide results. Here’s where you can start.

Do not make rash decisions

First of all, before you can learn what to do, it’s important to focus on what you need to avoid. Plenty of employers get by on their gut feeling, or base their decision on the conversation they had with freelancers. In reality, hiring the correct candidate is a lot more complicated.

You should always pay attention to the big picture. Sure, past work history and portfolio items are important, but so is the quality of communication and the adherence to deadlines. There are plenty of sweet-talkers out there, who will try to charm their way into being hired, but always give yourself some space to evaluate the situation and you’ll quickly sort out the good candidates from the rest.

Search for a person who will gladly work alone on the project at hand

The whole point of hiring someone is to integrate them into the existing machinery seamlessly. While employers generally like to see that someone is taking an interest in their business, you cannot choose a worker who will tug you by the sleeve any time a decision has to be made. Naturally, this trust has to be earned, and all of this is a process, but you want to look for the signs of taking the initiative from the start.

Hire someone who is adamant about making a great first impression

It might sound a bit too harsh, but most workers would agree that making a good first impression, even if it means working for less pay or under strict deadlines, is absolutely vital. This is especially true for those who work remotely. Most of the time, the employer and the employee won’t get a chance to meet, so exchanged messages and a few conference calls present the only contact forms.

That is why it is important to find a person who is willing to commit their professional efforts to strive for success. The only formula that works here is a good dose of self-motivation. If you are forced to constantly send reminders of the work that has to be done to the candidate of your choice, you might want to reconsider your position. Prioritizing the work at hand and completing the milestones even ahead of time are good signs that you have found a worker that you’ll be able to rely upon in the long run.

Clearly determine your requirements and offer a paid test run

Until now, we have mostly focused on the qualities a good remote worker should possess. Now, we will turn our attention to your part of the deal. That’s right, if you thought that all responsibility is on the employee’s side, think again. All joking aside, before you even set out on your quest to find a remote worker, you first need to clearly demonstrate that you are a person of trust.

How do you do that? By being open about your expectations, allotted budget and timeline for the job at hand. Try not to sugar coat it too much, and as a result, you are likely to receive a few offers from people who are honest about their abilities as well. Ultimately, offering a paid trial run is usually the best way to test the quality of work from your selected candidate, so if possible, apply this tactic as well. With all of these boxes ticked, you should be on your way to finding the reliable employee who will grow professionally with your company in the upcoming years. What more could you ask for?

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