How to Choose a Travel Jacket

When it comes to choosing the perfect clothing item for your next trip, there are a lot of details that you need to take into account. By assuming that your goal would be to travel as light as possible, the best tactic is probably to stick to clothes made from modern materials.

Today, we'll be looking at jackets, helping you pick out the best option on the market. A good jacket needs to be as versatile as possible, regardless of the weather conditions you're about to face, as well as provide you with a lot of wind and rain resistance. All of that is just a part of the deal, as design also plays a major factor.

Here are some details you need to take into consideration when choosing your next travel jacket.

Specialized pockets

While there are plenty of small backpacks designed specifically for travelers, certain people prefer to travel as light as possible, so a jacket which has as many useful pockets as possible is definitely a welcomed sight. Some models have padded pockets which are designed for sensitive items such as camera lenses, which benefits photographers greatly.

Furthermore, besides having large pockets for items such as your cell phone and wallet, smaller zip up ones can be of great use, especially for hikers and other active individuals, keeping your items safely in check. Having a large number of pockets is also good for distributing weight more evenly, without weighing you down in the process.

In case you’re active all the time

Selecting a model which has holes for your thumbs at the end of the sleeves is a good idea. Not only that this neat piece of design will always keep the sleeves in place during your adventures, it will also keep the wind out at all times. When you’re hiking windy mountains, these things are not to be underestimated.

Jackets made from materials resistant to stains

In case you’re a fan of a good old Sloppy Joe, or you’re just used to dropping food all over yourself because you’re clumsy, having a stain-resistant jacket is a top priority. This is especially true for those who like to travel and are forced to live with only one jacket for extended periods of time. You wouldn’t really want to look like a second grader all the time, would you?

What’s more, you might also want to consider the colors of your clothes while you’re at it. Sure, a white shirt might seem fancy, but it’s hardly made for life on the road. Keeping with darker shades might do you good here in the long run.

Pick a jacket that can protect you from the elements

It’s difficult to find a jacket that is both good in the warm and cold weather, but it’s even harder to find one that’s both wind and water resistant. Unfortunately for you, it turns out that these things matter, a lot, so you’ll have to do some exploring.

This might be just a personal preference, but if given a choice, we would advise you to always pick a jacket which has a hood. These things don’t take up a ton of space, especially if they can be scrunched up together neatly, but they can provide an additional great layer of shelter from wind and rain. Additionally, if you already have a hood on your jacket, you will be able to leave your hat at home, thus saving some more of that precious space inside your carry-on.

Keep things on the lighter side when it comes to weight and dimensions

Sure, a nice puffy jacket might seem warm and cozy, but it’s not exactly designed to occupy the least amount of space in your luggage. Those who often travel with a carry-on only know how important it is to select your clothes carefully, and that certainly relates to jackets as well. Luckily, most modern travel jackets can be folded neatly, and take up close to no space at all.

Even if you’re traveling to a place with a colder climate, a much better option would be to stick with layered clothing. This way, you won’t have trouble keeping yourself warm, but you’ll also be able to quickly shed any unnecessary layers, if the weather suddenly decides to shift for the better.

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