How families are traveling today

During the past year, we have witnessed the rebirth of travel, after the industry has nearly ground to a halt due to the news of coronavirus. Still, travelers have been staying on the side of caution, and most of these trips were either business-related or they included the individuals who were just itching to get back on the road.

Luckily, the situation is changing for the better nowadays, as more and more families are starting to look into their options when it comes to going on a well-deserved vacation. Today, we will take a look and see which direction these trends are going. It might help you decide if you are having second thoughts about traveling with your loved ones. So, without further ado, here is what the data shows.

Most families are using air travel

When it comes to means of transport, air travel remains the dominant choice for most families. This surely is a welcomed sight for most airlines, considering the substantial financial losses they had to endure during the pandemic.

For travelers who are visiting destinations closer to home, most are choosing to go by car. In fact, the number of people who are selecting this option is higher than ever, possibly because many individuals simply want to be isolated from others as much as possible.

People who are vaccinated are traveling more

While vaccination is voluntary in most countries, it is noticeable that those who have received a vaccine are now in a more privileged position compared to those who chose not to. Many countries have opened their doors to individuals who are fully vaccinated, as a “Covid passport” or a “green certificate” as it’s sometimes called, is enough to cross the border.

Those who do not possess these documents have to do PCR tests just to get an opportunity to cross the border. It goes without saying that this obstacle is enough to prevent many from traveling. Additionally, people who are vaccinated are feeling safer and are oftentimes willing to travel when others would not dare.

The rise of hotels compared to rentals

In the past couple of years, hotels have been losing significance slowly but steadily, being replaced by services such as Airbnb, where the owners rented their property directly to travelers. However, 2020 was the first year where hotels were significantly more popular than rentals, and it seems that a similar trajectory can be noted in 2021 as well, as 60% of travelers are choosing hotels as their primary accommodation.

What are the reasons for this migration of travelers? Well, it seems that people really appreciate the initiative that most hotels took when it comes to the safety of their customers. Additionally, couples who are traveling with small children simply find it easier to go to a place where all of the meals are taken care of, and all they have to do is focus on making the most of their free time. Cannot say we blame them for that.

Seaside resorts are more popular than major cities

While popular tourist destinations, such as major cities around the world will always attract their fair share of travelers, the data shows that people who are traveling with families are more inclined to select a seaside destination for their trip.

If it’s possible to avoid the crowds of people, while enjoying fun activities such as swimming and sunbathing, it truly becomes a no-brainer.

Remember to follow the health recommendations all the time

Always pay attention to the rules of the state you’re planning to visit, as these can vary greatly from one country to another. This will not only help you to avoid any trouble, but it will also keep you safe during your travels.

This includes the basic recommendations, such as wearing a mask for your own safety and the safety of others. Hand sanitizers are also a good thing to have at an arm’s reach at all times. Once you get used to these things, it becomes second nature anyways, and you’ll be left to do is find a way to have fun with your loved ones. We do no doubt that you will be able to achieve that task.

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