How are companies embracing remote working as the new normal

In the beginning the news of a Covid-19 pandemic caught many by surprise. People were simply unwilling to accept the fact that such a thing can happen in modern times. Others were perhaps suspicious that everything is a gigantic elaborated hoax that will blow over in no time. Well, unfortunately, things are still not improving, at least not at the rate that we expected.

When it comes to business, how does it all translate? One thing was very apparent right from the start, businesses that had the capability to continue working remotely were in the best possible position. Out of the sheer necessity, even the jobs that were previously strictly intended for office work are now performed by workers from home.

It seems that because of this entire situation, companies are finally beginning to realize just how much that can work in their favor. Are we about to see a massive shift to the remote working from now on, and is this going to become the new normal? That’s what we’re about to explore today.

Work from home provides flexibility

One of the main advantages of working from home includes the aforementioned flexibility. Right now, we aren’t truly getting the best opportunity to use it to our advantage, but that moment will definitely come sooner or later. No one can tell for sure just how long this pandemic is going to last, as there are hundreds of different reports, but it will have to get better eventually.

The good news is that once that eventually happens, digital nomads are going to be in the best situation to travel the world while working remotely with no problems at all. They will be used to it, their bosses will be used to it, and everything is gonna run smoothly as ever. We for one know that we cannot wait until that turns into reality.

No more need to spend huge amounts of resources on buildings

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we mention huge corporations? For us, that includes gigantic buildings, or even an entire complex, intended to display the power of one corporation and naturally, provide space for work.

Companies spend huge amounts of money towards building and maintaining office spaces, but what if parts of those funds could be directed to establishing a stronger online presence? That would also include the hiring of more remote workers, which is a practice that's already giving results, because of sheer necessity.

Most importantly, in times like these, when everything seems dark, people can find some consolation, knowing that they can work from wherever they want. Is that trend going to last? We don't see why it wouldn't. It will not be a given, as there are plenty of things to consider, if this change is about to become permanent, such as establishing new company cultures and sorting out the other priorities, but we truly believe that if there was a time to make a change, now is as good as ever.

Certain businesses have reported huge savings during the corona virus

Digital nomads always claimed that working remotely can be very lucrative to companies, but they refused to listen. Fortunately, due to the pandemic, it basically became impossible to ignore the results. Because this entire situation lasted for a long time, the business owners and managers were forced to sit down and find a way to dwindle down the costs.

That is when, according to multiple reports, they have realized the genius of it all. Not only that the CEO’s were happy with the savings, but these results were so eye-opening that major companies are already claiming that they will turn to remote working in the near future. Whether all businesses will look up to Facebook and Twitter remains to be seen, but if the change has to come from anywhere, it’s best that it starts at the very top. The rest will surely follow up soon.

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