Get to know these discount airlines for traveling Europe

Europe is a very interesting continent with a rich history, as it offers an amazing blend of different cultures which make it so vivid. Perhaps the best things is that different nations all jam packed together, and oftentimes, a simple hour-long flight is all it takes to discover the all new world.

Discount Airlines for Europe

Ultimately, that leaves travelers with a great dilemma. Should I select the trustworthy, but terribly pricy airlines, or risk it with some of the budget options? After an extensive research, we came up with 5 awesome airlines that offer excellent services for the lowest prices possible. Feel free to check it out, and let us know if we missed a few airlines worth mentioning. Without further adieu, let’s begin!


Founded way back in 1985 in Dublin, Ryanair was one of the first budget airlines that paved the way for others while cutting fares in dramatic fashion. It’s also one of the biggest European airlines, flying across 22 different states. The prices are very affordable, but as with most budget airlines, there are a few things one needs to consider.

First of all, their client support isn’t exactly top notch, so don’t expect miracles when it comes to rescheduling flights on late notice. Fortunately, their website is really simple, and you’ll be able to book flights in no time. Most flights only accept carry-on luggage, while passengers need to pay additional fees for checked baggage. Either way, if you want a reliable carrier which offers terrific deals, Ryanair is near the very top.


With tons of bargain flights available, EasyJet trumps a lot of its peers with no problems. Spotting their orange fleet of Airbuses is very common in European airports, as their rose to fame came rather quickly. This British carrier has a ton of popular destinations available, from warm and sunny Adriatic coastline, all the way to colorful Scottish shores.

Unlike most other airlines, this ever-expanding carrier primarily uses principal airports, which is definitely a welcomed sight. With tickets ranging from 20 Euros all the way to 420 Euros, EasyJet has an offer for everyone’s pocket. Where will you be taking off?

Wizz Air

Despite being relatively new to the game, Wizz Air is already a force to be reckoned with. Since the launch is 2003, this company started making waves in the known order, and judging by the early trend for 2017, that’s only going to continue.

Their game plan is fairly simple and straightforward. By avoiding major airports and busy city centers, they are able to offer significantly lower taxes to their customers, while also reducing ticket costs to a bare minimum. Let’s also mention that they have possibly the best website for booking flights, which isn’t something to be taken lightly. Help them reach the very top, and they will award you with some excellent deals.


Unlike the three previously mentioned carriers, Airberlin offers long haul trips to destinations such as New York, Dubai or Bangkok. Other than that, they also cover most of the European continent as well, from icy Russian wilderness to cozy Mediterranean beaches.

With free snacks and beverages on board, as well as taxes included in the regular price, they offer plenty of options usually found with much pricier carriers. Checked baggage is limited to 20kg, which should be more than plenty anyways. Spend only a few extra bucks and travel like a king? Sounds like a sweet deal to me.


Last but not least, we find another German airline worth mentioning. Germanwings partnered up with Lufthansa, which opened up plenty of opportunities for short-distance flights, including some longer one, such as Morocco.

Each passenger can select between three classes: Basic, Smart and Best. While the first two options offer affordable tickets, the „Best“ class has special incentives, such as speedy boarding, added legroom for your seat, as well as checked baggage which comes free of charge. Seems like a pretty decent alternative, doesn’t it?

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