Digital Nomad Trends to look forward to in 2022

Just as the world started to shift to a digital nomadic lifestyle more and more, the news regarding the global pandemic caught everyone by surprise and slowed the whole process down. However, after the initial fear and uncertainty have passed, new trends began to appear.

As remote working became a new norm, it suddenly became apparent that it can be entirely possible to live a nomadic lifestyle without having to change some of the life habits from the ground up. With that came another wave of digital nomads who were eager to explore the unknown and head towards remote destinations they always wanted to visit.

Is that trend going to continue in the year 2022 as well? Today, we will try to answer that question by looking at the existing stats that will give us an insight into the future. Here we go!

Business owners will embrace the nomadic lifestyle even more

You might be led to think that digital nomads are usually part-time or full-time remote workers that are predominantly freelancers. However, the data shows something completely different. Up to one-third of all digital nomads are invested in their own businesses that they run completely online.

That encompasses businesses from all industries and everything from small startups to even some large corporations. If the development of the Internet allows people to be fully involved with their work from every end of the planet, why not use it to our advantage?

South America is going to become the next big destination

We are all aware of major digital nomad hubs like Europe or Asia, but because digital nomads were never afraid to explore new destinations, we believe that South America is the next continent about to blow up in popularity.

Certain countries such as Columbia or Argentina are already somewhat known for their nomad resorts, but if we know anything about this wild and beautiful continent, it’s that it has something to offer to people of all demographics. Better and more stable internet connectivity is still a problem in some areas, but we have no doubt that these things will continue to improve in the year ahead of us.

Nomads will change countries less frequently

In the past, most nomads set their goals on visiting at least 3-5 different countries each year. Going from one country to another by car, plane or train was fairly simple, after all. Nowadays, that is unfortunately no longer the case.

While some countries still remain fairly open to foreign visitors, in others even proof of vaccination and a PCR test is not enough to avoid quarantine. Furthermore, some countries even still deny entry to travelers, unless it’s an emergency or a necessary business trip. This was enough to convince a lot of nomads that staying put might be a good idea for the time being. Before the situation with Coronavirus gets entirely cleared, it’s possible that this trend is going to continue, convincing the travelers to stick to a few chosen destinations for now.

Digital nomads will continue to strive for a better work-life balance

Just because nomads love to travel and explore new cultures, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have to work for a living just like everyone else. In fact, some of the research has shown that on average, digital nomads work about 46 hours a week.

At first look, this might sound a little contradictory, as a common opinion is that the nomadic lifestyle is all about fun and less about work and stress. However, that same research proved that nomads became more satisfied in their everyday life since making to change to traveling full-time. So, what’s the catch there?

It’s actually pretty simple. Work is not the problem once you feel energized and satisfied with your life. On the contrary, a lot of people report that their overall job satisfaction increased substantially since becoming digital nomads. Sometimes, less is truly more and the other way around as well.

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