Confused about local travel requirements? Check out these sites for up-to-date rules and restrictions per country

In the early stages of the pandemic, just as the world was still getting used to the altered reality of living with new constrictions and constant fear, the most important thing was to be informed of every single important event. That way, we believed that we could be prepared to face each of these changes head-on.

However, because the pandemic lasted much longer than many have anticipated, keeping track of all the information simply became overwhelming. If you are facing similar problems at the moment, we wouldn’t blame you. Still, for those who are interested in traveling right now, the information on current restrictions per country can be vital.

Today, we will share a couple of websites that will keep you in the loop and where you’ll be able to find out everything you might need ahead of your trip. Without further ado, here is the list of sites that you may find to be helpful.

IATA Travel Center

To provide the readers with the latest information, IATA Travel Center has established many partnerships with many government agencies and airlines. Because of that, they are able to deliver fresh info for all countries in the world.

Instead of using a search form to structure the data, they opted out for a graphic solution, where users see the map of the entire world, with countries divided into 4 sections: totally restrictive, partially restrictive, not restrictive and a section of countries which are currently under review and contain no information.

If you have a specific country in mind, it’s enough to just locate it on the map and click on it. A pop-up window will then emerge, with all the necessary information one might need. It contains the requirements for that specific country, in relation to the nation you are coming from. We have tested the info a few times, and it seems that the data gets regularly updated.


Unlike the website above, this one appears to have an old-fashion design, and it’s intended for travelers who are going abroad from the United States. However, just because it appears outdated, it doesn’t mean that the information from it is not regularly checked.

It contains a list of countries that appear in alphabetical order so that it’s very simple for users to track down their desired destination. Additionally, it is possible to use a search bar as.

Once a user clicks on a country, they will be directed to a page that contains freshly updated information with all the rules and regulations that are currently applied. For each country, the data is structured in a way to answer the questions that most users will be looking for, such as the rules for testing, vaccination, quarantine time and other entry and exit requirements. Users can also follow some of the useful links that lead to outbound pages, such as the specific embassies and other websites.

Privacy International

For all of those who are interested in finding a website that tracks down all of the latest news regarding Coronavirus, and doing so on a global scale, a project known as Privacy International might be the best way to go.

The editors of this website constantly update the feed with some of the latest news when it comes to control of Coronavirus, and the website design is clean and easy to use. Furthermore, they offer the option to search the news by country or region and organize it according to publication date.

It is also possible to search all of the news by tags that contain specific information users might find interesting. The sources to these publications are strictly taken from viable sources and they can be a very useful tool if you want to find specific info for your country.

If you plan to go abroad anytime soon, we would advise you to combine the info from all of the mentioned websites. By doing that, you will avoid any potential hassle once you reach your destination. We wish you a safe trip!

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