Carry-on Luggage Trends to Watch for in 2020

The market for carry-on luggage has just exploded in recent years, and it’s no wonder why. With the carriers raising the prices sky-high due to the demise of many low cost airlines, more and more passengers are deciding to embrace the carry-on lifestyle. Additionally, the advantages of a minimalist lifestyle are numerous, and that’s another factor which further influenced the movement from the traditional huge bags to simple carry-ons.

Naturally, as they grew in popularity, many manufacturers tried to stand out as much as possible, which forced them to implement some truly bizarre ideas into their products. However, some of these creations were pretty decent after all, and it seem like they’ll stick around for quite some time. Here are some of the trends that we will be seeing in the year to come.

Manufacturers are moving on from products made out of leather

It seems that the lobbyists for animal protection have achieved some huge strides and that they have changed the outlook on some important issues. For years, the manufacturers have been making their products from 100% leather, which stood as a symbol of quality and luxury. Nowadays, even the most famous brands, such as Louis Vuitton use modern materials in an attempt to save the environment as much as possible.

Transitioning to bags made from industrial fabrics

However, it’s not like modern materials are all bad. In fact, they provide a much better solution compared to the traditional fabrics that were used thus far. First of all, they are very lightweight. Having a light carry-on is absolutely vital, as it allows the users to pack as many things as they want, while still remaining relatively mobile. Frequent travelers claim that this is one of the biggest advantages, compared to the traditional luggage components.

Additionally, these materials are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear, which means that modern bags made from industrial fabrics should serve you for years to come. One of their most useful features includes water resistance, which comes in handy when visiting areas with rainy climates. Best of all, bags made from nylon are quite affordable, compared to the ones from leather, so it’s no shocking that so many customers are deciding to place their trust in these products.

Implementation of high-tech features

Up until recently, most of these features appeared to only show up in spy movies. However, what was once only a production of Hollywood, became a reality for many people around the globe. For example, several manufacturers are now using GPS tracking inside their luggage components. Why would anyone do such a thing? To improve the overall safety, of course.

The loss of luggage was always one of the biggest nightmares for airline travelers. Sure, most of the time, the situation gets resolved eventually, but it’s the wait and the uncertainty that irritates people. Luckily, with GPS tracking, you will always be able to monitor the location of your precious luggage right from your smartphone, which should help to put your mind at ease.

Other manufacturers are willing to push the envelope of what’s possible even further. They even equip their products with scales. That’s right, if you opt out for one these bags, you will never have to wait in line at the airport anymore, stressing over whether your luggage meets the requirements or not.

Packing cubes are also becoming more popular with each day

While most carry-ons do a fine job of providing people with plenty of different compartments, it’s a fact that wrinkling is still rather difficult to prevent. This is especially true for those who do all of their packing at the last minute, only to end up mushing everything together. If only there was a way in which the clothing items can be better organized…

Introducing the packing cubes. While these things might seem trivial, they lightly compress your clothes, thus making sure that any wrinkling is avoided. Additionally, the mesh design allows for some breathability, and they come with coat hangers, thus ensuring that unpacking is simple and quick. In total, it just makes your life so much easier. That is why we believe that packing cubes will be a best-seller in the upcoming year.

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