Best Remote Volunteering Opportunities

Looking to give your contribution to good causes, but don’t know of a good place to start? Well, sit back comfortably and prepare to be excited, because we have some of the best volunteering opportunities right here.

Best Remote Volunteer Opportunities

Some of you might be wondering why anyone would be willing to work free of charge, but there are plenty of benefits out there you perhaps weren’t even taking into consideration. Getting away from a material obsessed culture can be just the thing you needed to recharge the batteries. This is especially true for people unfulfilled with their actual jobs or for those feeling burnout. Furthermore, some of these jobs can be truly life altering. How? Read the text below and find out.

Lemon Shark And Turtle Conservation

Did you always have a desire to visit the gorgeous Seychelles, but never had the opportunity to do so? Look no more, because we found a perfect solution. Located on the jaw-dropping island of Curieuse, this fantastic action is a terrific opportunity for all individuals who appreciate the wildlife, and want to give their contribution towards keeping it intact for generations to come.

The project includes monitoring turtle and shark populations, tagging the animals, measuring shells and all sorts of interesting things you previously only saw in documentaries. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Are you brave enough to save elephants in Thailand?

This project is one of the most popular volunteering events in the world, and there are a couple of reasons why that’s the case. The biggest land animals are impressive enough in their own right, but you’ll also get a chance to explore the great forests of Northern Thailand as well.

In time, as you get to know the behavior of these massive animals, you’ll also get a chance to interact with them, and it all happens in their natural habitat. People pay thousands of dollars for this chance, but it’s something you’ll be able to tell your grandkids about.

South African Wildlife

Ranked as one of the top programs for 2016, this adventure also ranks high on our list of volunteering opportunities you cannot miss. This year, the hosts are hoping to expand on the success they previously had with even more ambitious quests.

This private game reserve is constantly trying to introduce new large herbivores and predators in an attempt to simulate the wildlife conditions in the best way possible. Because this can be challenging for beginners, ever new volunteer first goes through a specially designed training where they’re introduced to animal behavioral patterns and given tips how to track them in the most effective way.

Help with women’s empowerment in India

While most of the previously mentioned camps included working with animals, this one is something entirely different. Women empowerment might seem like a topic that’s well taken care of, but unfortunately, that’s not the case everywhere around the globe.

If you sign up for this opportunity, you’ll be visiting Kerala, where your task will be to shed some light on women’s right, including the basic ones such as education. Don’t think that you’ll be fighting a lost cause either, as some previous caps provided excellent results. On top of all, you’ll also get to meet the great Indian culture and enjoy in kayaking to remote villages, riding bicycles through areas with fantastic nature scenery or indulging in a relaxing Ayurvedic massage. I know I could use one right about now.

Visit Nepal and help a great cause!

Ever heard of a gorgeous town called Pokhara? Google it right now, and prepare to be amazed. Unfortunately, besides the pictures of this magical place, you’ll also likely to stumble upon some heartbreaking photos the huge earthquake left behind in 2015.

Still, whenever there’s a natural disaster such as that one, it’s our obligation to help out as much as possible. This terrific program revolves around helping children in their personal development, and I promise you, this is the most satisfying work you’ll ever get a chance to perform. Apart from that, you’ll also get blown away by the beauty of the traditional Buddhist temples, adrenaline-raising rafting trips and mountain hiking trails. How can you beat that?

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