Best Locations for Urban Digital Nomads

Contrary to popular belief, digital nomads are not only people who want to get away from all traces of society and work in a remote jungle where no one can find them. Instead, many of us also love to visit urban locations around the globe, thus giving us a chance to communicate with other like-minded individuals and experience new things.

However, with so many locations to choose from, it can be complicated to find a good location to start your journey. An ideal destination for digital nomads needs to be a place where the locals are open to foreigners, has a good infrastructure, and an acceptable combination of costs of living and quality of life. So, we created a list of places that can honor all of these conditions and then some. Here’s what we found.

Lisbon, Portugal

A city that is always ranked very high on all lists of Europe’s prettiest places, Lisbon has been a tremendous choice for digital nomads for a long time. With a moderately hot climate, the capital of Portugal is a good place to visit year-round, and it’s no accident that some of the most promising young start-ups call Lisbon their home. On top of that, Portugal also offer digital nomad visas to all interested parties, and unlike most other major European center, it is not too expensive. It almost seems too good to be true, right?

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Oftentimes known as the world’s largest hub for remote working, Chiang Mai offers so many things, while being incredibly affordable when it comes to costs of living. A good and reliable Wi-Fi connection is available at practically every corner, but even if you are not a fan of working from gorgeous coffee shops, you can always try out one of thousands of co-working offices. Besides work, you’ll also get to see the world’s prettiest sunsets, eat delicious food and meet people of all cultures while you’re there.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Frequently called the hidden gem of nomad-friendly destinations, Tbilisi is a gorgeous city that will stun you with its plethora of spectacular natural scenery and incredible architecture. However, if you are willing to roam around a bit, and let’s face it, most digital nomads would fit this description, you can find jaw-dropping nature everywhere you look. Just hurry, because with all that it has to offer, we believe that Tbilisi won’t remain a hidden gem for much longer.

Bali, Indonesia

As a huge city that offers everything imaginable that a digital nomad might find appealing, Bali simply had to find its way onto this list. A plethora of co-working spaces, a massive expat community, and very low costs of living are a welcomed sight for all. On top of that, this place is surrounded by one cultural attraction after another, and it can serve as a great hub from which you will explore other parts of Asia.

Mexico City, Mexico

For all people who are willing to give the nomadic lifestyle a go but are not interested in moving too far away from home, Mexico City is a great alternative. Its culture is incredibly vibrant, the food is mouth-watering, and it also boasts a growing tech scene that shows a lot of promise. What many fail to realize is that it’s also the largest city in North America, which should give you more than enough opportunities to network and create friendships. Come to think of it, if nothing else, the food alone is a great reason to give it a chance, right?

Medellin, Colombia

From a city that was a bit problematic in the past to what is nowadays known as South America’s main digital nomad destination, Medellin sure has come a long way. Well, with its gorgeous and friendly residents, awesome climate and nature that will blow your mind, this was always inevitable, right? If you’ve never visited South America before, Colombia’s capital is a destination that will make you fall in love with it in just a couple of days.

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