Best Global Co-Working Memberships in 2022

Just as it seemed that the global co-working spaces are at an all-time high in demand, the global pandemic struck and changed the way we work almost instantly. Suddenly, co-working spaces began to close down, offices were abandoned, and working from home became the norm.

A couple of months was all that it takes for people to realize that working in tight spaces surrounded by your loved ones, who are not always quiet, is not exactly ideal. Just as the pandemic began to loosen, the appeal of co-working spaces once again started to strengthen. As of 2022, co-working memberships are once again highly sought-after, and there are plenty of options suited for people of all needs.

Here are some of the best options regarding co-working memberships available today.


Starting off with the big hitters, we decided to mention WeWork as one of the most significant players in the co-working office sphere. Their locations can be found around the world, covering over 300 locations in total. Their base of operations is in New York, with 50 modern offices built to satisfy the needs of the most demanding workforce.

If you are interested in joining their club, you can choose a membership that works best for you, including monthly and daily rentals, as well as single desks, private offices or conference rooms. This plethora of options is what allowed them to remain among the best co-working franchises for over 10 years up to this point.


Even though this franchise is relatively new compared to some others mentioned on this list, MindSpace definitely deserves a mention and its place among the very best. Located in many major cities in Europe, such as Berlin, Amsterdam or London among others, this option is especially worth considering for digital nomads that love to travel this great continent.

This is not to say that the United States and other countries are not covered as well. Features such as fully-equipped kitchens, lounging areas and event spaces will make you feel welcomed right out the gate. It is a truly modern approach to work, and a thing that oftentimes separates it from the rest of the competition.

Impact Hub

Covering 5 continents, Impact Hub is one of the largest co-working organizations in the world. Known as the place that houses individuals from all industries, these offices are also a great place for energetic entrepreneurs looking to form new friendships that may lead to business collaborations in the future.

Whether you are a digital nomad, remote worker, work as a startup or even a bigger company with several employees, Impact Hub has all the necessary amenities that will allow you to reach even the highest business goals.


What started off as a great idea in Amsterdam in the year 2008, still remains one of the most notable success stories in the co-working era. With more than 400 locations available to remote workers, Spaces can be a great choice for individuals that love to travel as much as possible.

What makes Spaces so awesome is also the fact that they encourage networking, constantly organizing different events with guest speakers, networking lunches and various business events where you can meet similarly minded people, get new doses of inspiration and avoid the dreaded feelings of burnout. If you are having second thoughts about working from a co-working space, that might be good enough of a reason to give it a go and see how it works out.


If you are searching for co-working spaces that are located throughout Asia and also can be easily found in the United States, Ucommune might be your safest choice. With a global community of over 600 000 users, it is also one of the largest co-working bases on the planet.

They offer anything from comfortable and cozy spaces to premium offices worthy of the highest-paid CEOs. If you love to work with a certain dose of luxury, this can certainly satisfy those demands.

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