Are you a Savvy Traveler? Here are some must-read SubReddits!

Everyone knows that online communities are the best place to get every advice you've ever wanted, on literally any topic you can imagine. However, if one does not know where to look, they can end up just spinning their wheels in place. Even worse, individuals can spend hours at a time, just browsing through this sea of data, with nothing to show for at the end of the day.

Luckily for you, we have already been there many times, and we’re here to share this useful information with the world. We’ll do that by pointing you in the direction of the best SubReddits that deal with the topic of travel.


As the name itself suggests, you might want to start at the mothership of all travel related SubReddits. With 2.7 million members, and a constant community of at least 1,000 active users, regardless of the time of day, there’s more than enough fresh info going around all the time here. Hear amazing stories from other travelers that might inspire you to take on a similar path, enjoy in their breathtaking photos, or simply ask a question you always wanted to know the answer to, but never had anyone to talk to. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never run out of interesting content here.


This ever-expanding community has stuck around on Reddit for more than 10 years, and it has a large amount of subscribers still going strong. In previous years, as the backpacks have become more advanced, and the costs of airline luggage fees have gone through the roof, it has practically exploded in popularity. Traveling with just a backpack gives you one less thing to stress about, allowing you to simply focus on the entire positive experience of visiting remote destinations and experiencing vastly different cultures. While most of these users aren't professional photographers, the quality of the photos they take can be astounding. Check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us.

Solo Travel

Why spend a ton of your time trying to persuade people around you to join you on the next trip, when you can just go there solo and have the time of your life? Sure, in case you’ve never done this before, it might seem intimidating at the start, but you’ll never know whether you’ll like it if you don’t try. Ultimately, just this SubReddit has over half a million of subscribers, so chances are that you won’t be the only person traveling solo, no matter where you go. Besides the regular tips for beginners, Solo Travel also contains a ton of great trip ideas, along with photos and guides for first-time travelers. It’s definitely worth checking it out.


Want to travel for cheap and you aren't afraid of some wild last minute deals? This is the place to be! With a community full of enthusiastic people who aren't exactly what you’d call big spenders, this SubReddit is an ideal destination to find out about the destinations you’d never even consider otherwise. Just be warned, some of these users are truly adventurous, and aren't even afraid to sleep under the dark skies or in some not-so-exclusive hostels, if that’s required to save a bit of extra cash.


Are you an adrenaline junkie on the constant search of things that will make your heartbeat reach incredible highs? Join this still fairly young and small community of daredevils and enjoy in each other’s feats. No matter if you’re into hiking, scuba diving, base jumping, kayaking or urban adventures, this wonderful SubReddit has it all! Discover secret and well-hidden adventure paths, and go above and beyond of what regular tourists might see. After all, you don’t even have to leave your bedroom if you don’t feel like it, but we’re sure that some of the adventures of this wild bunch will inspire you to do something you've always aspired to. It’s, without a doubt, one of the most underrated SubReddits you can find.

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