All you need to know about the Canada Digital Nomad Visa

We’ve all heard of Canada, a country known for its polite citizens and love for hockey, but is this nation a good choice for digital nomads? If you’re interested in finding out, we have some great news. Canada has officially decided to join the trend and put in the work to offer a digital nomad visa to all interested parties.

Don’t think that this is just some speculation either, as Canada’s immigration minister Sean Fraser confirmed that these actions have been put in place in order to attract skilled workers who would fill in the gaps in “key tech occupations” as he claimed. Here are some more details about this development.

What was the motivation behind this decision?

Primarily, it seems that the migration of Canadian workers who are mostly employed in finance and tech industries was the main driving force behind it. According to some data, about 0.7% of skilled Canadian workers yearly decide to go live in the United States, due to better business opportunities they can find there.

While countries such as Portugal and Spain already have similar plans in action to attract more workers, Canada decided not to wait and welcome the remote workers with open arms with this new visa.

How long do you have to wait for this type of visa?

As these types of visas are brand new, it seems that different countries can vary in their applications quite a lot. For instance, an average worker who chooses UAE as their next destination will usually have to wait only a couple of weeks before receiving an answer to their application. 

On the other hand, and this is possibly due to a greater volume of applications, countries like Portugal have a tough time responding in a timely manner, as workers can spend up to a year waiting for a confirmation of their visa.

Where Canada is going to end up on this list is difficult to predict, as it depends on many factors, but if the country’s bureaucracy has taught us anything, we have to think that this transaction will be done on time and according to schedule.

How can you apply for a digital nomad visa in Canada?

For start, unlike some other countries, Canada does not have a salary threshold. While this program is mostly intended for remote workers in the tech industry, everyone is welcome to apply. You’ll be able to do that by providing proof of employment, as well as your photo and fingerprints. An interview with an immigration officer might also be required.

Nomad visas will last up to six months, which is enough time to really find out whether a country suits you or not. In case you fall in love with Canada, there is some more good news. By landing a job with a Canadian company, you’ll then be able to extend the duration of your visa by up to 3 years.

Finally, when this period is over, you’ll have the option to apply for citizenship. We have to say that this is a very straightforward way to obtain a Canadian passport, and we believe that many remote workers will gladly use this opportunity that’s presented to them.

Why should you choose Canada as your next destination?

Canada is a country that offers everything from busy cities to some of the wildest countryside you can imagine. Of course, cities like Toronto and Vancouver are primary destinations for many workers, and for a good reason. Even though these places are huge, they still maintain that small city charm, with a unique mix of old and brand-new buildings with interesting architecture.

Additionally, if you are a nature lover who does not mind the cold weather, Canada is basically heaven on earth, with its mix of waterfalls, mountains and lakes. Finally, this country is considered very safe and clean, and its healthcare is among the best in the world. All in all, it’s a great place to live in, and as a digital nomad, you now have the chance to check it out for at least six months at a time.

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