Which Airlines have the Friendliest Baggage Policies?

To a casual, albeit frequent traveler observer, it seems that most airlines nowadays have incredibly strict baggage restrictions that make it impossible to fly comfortably. Whether we like it or not, it seems that we are definitely forced to embrace the so often mentioned minimalist lifestyle. However, are there any truth to these claims?

Friendly Baggage Policies

At the end of the day, even if most of the airlines are strict, there are some which are friendlier than others. In this post, we took a deeper dive on this topic in order to determine which ones stand out the most. Let’s check it out.

British Airways

Ah, what would we do without the good old Brits? All joking aside, but it’s fair to say that British Airways is one of the coolest companies when it comes to baggage policies. Not only that they allow a 32kg per bag, which is by no means a small feat nowadays, but they also let their passengers carry two extra bags with them. In that sense, this really puts them in a league of their own. Now, we are aware that their flights aren’t the cheapest ones out there, but if you have to travel in style with a lot of your personal belongings, British Airways is the way to go. There’s just one thing worth mentioning, do not exceed their allowed weight per bag, or prepare to pay quite a lot of money otherwise.

Qatar Airways

The standard allowed baggage is capped at 30kg, but passengers also get a free allowance of another 30kg as well! What’s also interesting about Qatar Airways is the fact that if you exceed those limits, you will be forced to pay additional fees that range from $25-$70 per kg. We suggest that you should be very careful not to cross that line, or the costs of your fly can skyrocket in a hurry.


While Emirates have some great deal for higher classes, and longer routes, they aren’t all that great on shorter flights. Still, if you have to travel across the world, you’ll find their offer of 40kg per bag, along with 35kg for an extra bag to be quite great. Be wary though, in case you’re taking a short flight on an economy plan, the allowed weight per an additional baggage item drops all the way down to 15kg. That is a major difference, so don’t be caught off guard.


Let’s be honest here, the base offer of 23kg per bag isn’t that great, but depending on the route, there is a chance to get a 1-2 bags allowance completely free of charge. That’s not the whole story either. What makes KLM so interesting is the fact that you can order some extra space for your additional bag, and if you do so online, you’ll only have to pay additional €10.50 per item. Sure, it’s not completely free, but looking at other airlines, those extra fees aren’t too bad.


Once again, for what might seem like an unattractive offer at first, things improve if you look at the whole package. A 23kg baggage limitation isn’t an otherworldly offer, but in case you stick with the longer flights, you will have space for 2 bags that come completely free of charge. Make sure to do your research ahead of time, as you don’t want to be forced to pay additional fees for an extra bag here, as Etihad isn’t exactly cheap on that front.

TUI Airways

Rejoice everybody, there is no size restriction on bags with TIU Airways. Nah, that offer sounded too good to be true, and it unfortunately is. Although size is not a problem, the weight limitations might be, as one is only allowed to carry bags that do not exceed 15-20kg, depending on the flight. However, if you plan on traveling during the holidays, this airline also awards its clients with an additional baggage space, for another 15-20kg bag. It’s a great way to kick start a fun holiday season, as far as we’re concerned.

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