A guide to minimalist packing

There are two basic types of travelers in the world. Those who like to “prepare for anything that can happen“, and those who look to get the most out of the whole experience. It doesn’t take a scientist to realize which ones are having more fun.

A minimalist guide to packing

Truth be told, some individuals simply love to travel with tons of luggage, and if you’re in that category, we’ll leave you alone. However, the number of those who wish they packed lighter is far greater in comparison. In this article, we’ll try to provide you with the best ways to embrace minimalist packing, and we’ll share some tricks on how to get there. Check it out!

A backpack is all you need

The idea of carrying nothing but a backpack for your trip may sound impossible, but millions of people are already doing it, so it’s worth taking a closer look. Now, it’s also important to stress out that you’re gonna need to acquire a high-quality backpack to do so. Judging from the outside, a professional carry-on backpack and the one you used during your college days to carry books around might seem the same. Well, it’s not!

While the dimensions are pretty similar, the specially designed travel backpacks offer tons of space, and they usually have lots of compartments, which makes them very practical. In short, the first step you should take is to get yourself one of these bad boys.

Create a list

Believe me, this is a necessary evil. By creating a list of your essentials, you’ll easily spot the thing you can live without. If you set a hard cap for yourself ahead of time, you’ll be a lot more disciplined in the end. The most important thing about this list? Try not to be too strict on yourself, as you’re far less likely to actually stick to your plans if you set the bar too high.


Minimalist packing starts with clothes, there’s no going around it. The trick is to select no more than three items of everything: meaning to stick with two pairs of pants, T-shirts or sweaters, depending on the climate you’re about to face. The strategy is quite clear. Avoid the multi-colored combinations. In this way, you’ll be able to combine your clothing items with no problems. In case you accidentally spill something all over your shirt, have the replacement ready to go.

Also, pick things that are easily washable, just in case you need to prolong your journey.


We understand that this section may vary, depending on the nature of your trip. While some travelers only carry a mobile phone with them, others enjoy photography, or perhaps need to carry a laptop for professional reasons. Whatever the case may be, if you buy a decent backpack, you should be set here. Most modern carry-ons have specially dedicated compartments for these gadgets, and they are usually expandable as well as secured from any unwanted bystanders.

They only thing we can advise is not to go overboard. Leave the laptop at home in case you don’t desperately need it, and choose a tablet instead. You’re gonna need every inch you can get.


Here’s where most people go too far. Carrying a bottle of shampoo and a bigger pack of deodorant won’t hurt anyone, right? Not really. These things add up very quickly, and the packaging can be pretty bulky at times, which simply eats up the space. Here are some ways to avoid the clutter:

  • Bring one small toothbrush, and a small tube of toothpaste designed for travelers.
  • Buy deodorant upon arriving, the price difference will be miniscule.
  • Pack liquid soap which doubles as a body wash and shampoo.
  • Go with a small toiletry bag containing any other essentials you might have.

Change your mindset

Instead of focusing on things you wish you brought, notice some of the positives. Your bag is bound to be a lot lighter, you’ll save some money when dealing with airlines, and you’ll be a lot more mobile than before. In my book, the rewards are too great to ignore.

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