Why Travelling out of a Backpack is Perfect for Europe

Europe has seen its fair share of political and demographic turmoils over the years, and as a consequence, it is now full of many different cultures mixing together to create a colorful experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world. With this being said, it’s not hard to see why tourists flock there, more and more each year. If you are one of them, congratulations, you’re gonna have a blast.

Travelling out of a Backpack is Perfect for Europe

There are only a few things you might want to consider in order to make your trip a pleasant one. Probably the most important choice you need to make is what luggage to carry. Although a lot of people might choose to carry a huge suitcase, we believe that this isn’t the way to go. And trust us when we say this, because we are talking from personal experience. Your best choice would actually be a good quality backpack. Let us elaborate on this one.

Embrace minimalism

In case you haven’t been to Europe yet, you might be surprised to see just how much minimalism is engraved in the culture here. The last thing you would want to do is carry around a big bag that doesn’t fit anywhere. Those narrow cobbled streets might be beautiful, but they can quickly turn into a nightmare for people that travel with huge luggages. You don’t want to have that stress on your holiday. If you opt out for a backpack, you can fit it with no problems in any public locker, and you will be free to do whatever you want without your luggage weighing you down.

Only bring the essentials

Europe is very urban, there are coffee shops and mini markets on every corner, so you can buy everything while you’re there. Don’t worry, it’s really not expensive to do this, heck, it might even be a lot cheaper, depending on the place you want to visit. We only have one tip for shopping in Europe. Try, as much as you can, to avoid buying groceries as those busy high streets, as their prices can be overblown by a lot. If you just make a few turns here and there, you will most likely stumble upon a great shop in a matter of minutes.

It is very convenient

Most places in Europe are perfect for sightseeing on foot. That’s because most of their cities were built around medieval fortresses, and that’s what makes them fascinating. This also means that the city center is often built for pedestrians, making it the most convenient way to travel around. Even the cities aren’t that far from each other, and you may want to consider visiting a few different places while you’re there. The best way to do is by train, and that is the part where your backpack comes into play. You will be able to navigate your way through those narrow platforms and stairs with no hassle. And once you’re there, you will find out that it is a whole lot easier to use the subway or any other form of public transportation when you’re travelling light.

It’s cheaper

A lot of you might be puzzled by this statement, but hear us out. A lot of low-cost airlines offer discounts if you fly only with your carry-on. And the difference in price can be huge. So, why not save some money in this way, that you can later spend on something you like? It’s a win win situation. Furthermore, if you decide to ditch your heavy luggage, you will lower the chances of it being damaged, or even lost by the airline companies. Avoid these problems by one simple move, carry a backpack instead.

You will be more flexible

The whole point of vacation is not to plan too much ahead, and instead, just go with the flow. If you pack lightly, only using your backpack, you will be ready to explore every opportunity that opens up. And if you don’t think you are this type of person, try it out, you might surprise yourself.

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