What the heck is a co-working space and why are they perfect for Digital Nomads?

Most of you never even heard of this expression, so before we begin explaining why these places are so popular, let’s explain the meaning of this term. Coworking space is a place where people gather around to work, thus producing better results than working on their own. A lot of you are gonna say now. “That’s called an office fool!“. Well, not really. What makes it different from an average office environment is that not all workers are employed by the same company. In fact, it is a place where freelancers often gather around, thus creating a working environment that benefits them all.

co-working spaces are great for digital nomads

How it all began?

To find the origins of these organizations, you don’t have to look far back into the past. In fact, it was the year 2005 when Brad Neuberg came up with this brilliant idea. The first coworking space was named the „Hat Factory“, located in a small loft in San Francisco, with just a few available spots. However, as things were developing rapidly, the number of these places exponentially grew. Some studies have shown that the number of coworking spaces around the world doubles each year.

Why are they so popular?

The answer is quite simple, people like to interact with each other. One of the main flaws of remote working is that it can create a feeling of isolation, as you are sitting behind closed doors all the time. This is even more noticeable with digital nomads, who are already feeling quite isolated in an unknown environment. They often try to fix this problem by visiting coffee shops and working from there, but those places can be loud and distracting, so they just end up looking around, and wasting time. No such thing can happen in a co-working space, as everyone is focused on the task at hand.

Another problem that individuals face with remote working is the lack of motivation. There are some days that you simply want to lie down all day long and do nothing. Although this might sound nice, it is not productive at all. However, when we find ourselves surrounded by some other workers, we get motivated to do the same. You realize that you are not alone in this, and that you can share your experiences with people who are facing the same problems. It is a great place to pick up some useful tips, get things done, and perhaps make some new friends in the process. What’s not to like?

Examples of some of the Best Coworking Spaces Around

Oficio, Boston

Even though it is relatively new, Oficio has quickly become extremely popular. And why is that? First of all, it is located in a beautiful, historic part of the city called Back Bay. When you come inside, you will face a vibrant working space, and a very modernly designed interior. To enjoy a monthly membership, you will have to pay $99, but there are also spaces that are rented by day or week.

Gangplank, Chandler

This is a great place for those of you that are strapped for cash, as it is free to use. But wait, how is this possible? Well, each member must contribute in a certain way to some projects, usually handed down to them from city government. It is a very clever way of getting things done, and both sides can benefit from this arrangement.

Blueline, Indiana

First off, let’s be honest for a second. This is not the cheapest place around. Monthly membership will set you back around $300, while daily and weekly memberships stand at $20 and $100 respectively.  However, what you get for that money is a top-notch coworking space, beautifully designed, full of skillful programmers, artists and copywriters. If you want to get your creative juices flowing, this is the place to visit.

Miami Shared, Miami

Miami is not a place well known for coworking spaces, but this one is special. It is very affordable at just $50 per month, and for that amount of money, it would be hard to find a better coworking space than Miami Shared. Some awesome events such as workshops and speaking events are organized with regularity, and it is a great way to learn something new. All of that for only 50 bucks? Where do I sign up?

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