Our Top 5 Eco-Friendly Locations for Digital Nomads

Isn’t it funny when you realize that the technology, which made our lives so great, also made a lot of cities almost impossible to live in? Fortunately, digital nomads can take the best of both worlds. We can use the technology to our advantage, and work remotely, but we can also choose where to do it from. Well, if air pollution presents such a problem, chances are you wouldn’t want to exchange one industrial city for another, so we came up with a list of 5 eco-friendly places that digital nomads might like.

Top 5 best locations for digital nomads

You might ask yourself what is the thing that makes a place eco-friendly. The most obvious answer would of course be the clean air, but there is so much more to it than that. If you are looking for a bigger city, it is important that it has a good transportation system and that it is bike friendly. Clean tech advancements play a huge role, as well as recycling and composting programs. But, why wait any further? Let’s begin!

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

amsterdam for digital nomads

As we previously mentioned, biking may be important to people who are very eco-aware, and Amsterdam is one of the most bike-friendly places in the world. Digital nomads will also appreciate the fact that Amsterdam is full of free WiFI hotspots, and if you decide to sign a contract with any of the local providers, you will get a very high-speed internet connection. Cisco plays a huge role here, as the company signed a deal with the city back in 2014, looking to make Amsterdam one of the biggest internet metropolises in the world. And in case you are a party maniac, you will love this place even more, trust us.

  1. Curitiba, Brazil

curitiba brazil for digital nomads

South America isn’t exactly known for having a lot of eco-friendly places, but if you decided that this is the continent for you, Curitiba would be the best choice. The town is known for their highly efficient bus system, that started in the late sixties, and is still great to this day. Because people use it so much, it means that there are less cars on the streets, equalling better air quality. Along with that, the city has an awesome recycling program, king this one of the most forward-thinking places in the world. Locals are very friendly to foreigners, and the night life is top notch. Not everything is perfect, as you might have troubles with internet connection, so be wise when choosing a place to stay.

  1. Stockholm, Sweden

stockholm sweden for digital nomads

Looking for a clean city? Go to Stockholm without thinking twice. This place is surely one of the most eco-friendly sights in the world. The sidewalks are literally litter-free and the air is as clean as it gets. This is not by accident, as the city made an effort of keeping major industries far away from the town center, and the transportation system is very modern, which results in low levels of pollution. However, don’t think that clean air is the only positive thing about this place. The city is stunning, full of historic places to see and museums to visit. The only major problem for some people will be the climate, as it can get quite cold.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

cape town for digital nomads

The second largest city in Africa, and it’s eco-friendly? Yep, Cape Town is quite a unique place. The city officials made quite an effort to use as much of renewable energy sources as possible, and wind farms can be seen all around. They are not there to impress you, the aim is to produce 10% of town energy in this way by 2020. Now if that’s not forward-thinking, I don’t know what is. Gorgeous mountains surround the place, and if you are into mountain bikes, you will have the time of your life here. The city offers a unique mix of cultures that every traveler needs to experience.

  1. Vancouver, Canada

vancover for digital nomads

There is not one single thing that separates Vancouver as the greatest eco-friendly place in the world.. Digital nomads might be more inclined to think that a tropical island would be better, but it would be hard to find a place with such great people, free internet and untouched nature in one package. Vancouver is one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities, and the true “green“ capitol of the world. Eco-friendly digital nomads, look no further, you’ve found your next home.

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