5 Important Luggage Tips from Professionals Who Have to Travel for a Living

Packing is an art form and those who have it mastered are usually people who travel for a living. Standard Luggage previously enumerated the three types of globetrotters: digital nomads, travelers, or tourists. Whichever you identify with, it still comes with baggage.

From pilots to professionals sportsmen to travel bloggers, here are some inside tips that will come in handy next time you try to fit three-weeks’ worth of clothes into your luggage.

Roll or fold?

There isn’t really just one answer. Bustle writer Danielle Sandoval tested it out and came up with one simple conclusion: it depends. Rolling is the obvious space-saver, but won’t fare well for those who like to keep things neat and don’t want their clothes to get wrinkled. On the other hand, folding, even though more intuitive and more organized, leaves your clothes creased. Another alternative is to compartmentalize your belongings into packs. Standard’s Packing Cubes can introduce a little more order to your luggage. Ultimately, it just comes down to your traveling style.

Store essentials in a dopp kit

Otherwise known as a toiletry bag, a dopp kit was the invention of a German immigrant in the United States that the army basically made fashionable. It can be a small makeshift pouch or an actual kit invented specifically for the purpose of storing all your bathroom or grooming essentials. GQ relayed an invaluable tip about a dopp kit: it's small enough to keep in your carry-on as long as the contents are in keeping with airport guidelines. You never know when you’re going to need a sudden wash.

Bring versatile pieces

Victoria-native Tara Moss, who is an author, journalist, and a UNICEF ambassador, embraces basic clothes when traveling around the world to spread her advocacy. Still, the former model can turn her look around with the magic of a few versatile items. Stylish scarfs are compact, lightweight, and can really upgrade a look into something else. Don’t try to bring several fashionables yet clunky sweaters. In packing, the old adage ‘Less is more’ has never been more appropriate.

Try to fit everything in one bag!

Unless you have a posse when you travel, always try to fit all your belongings in one luggage. Jessica and Garrett Gee, who sold all their belongings to go around the world, revealed on InStyle that anything else that won’t fit in their bag has to be left behind. This mindset even teaches a lesson about bringing only the necessary stuff.

Double check everything

Once you’re finished packing, it’s always good to bring out the old travel checklist so you don’t end up buying clothes or stuff you already have at home. It's wise to weigh your luggage before you leave for the airport especially when you’re headed home. Portable luggage scales are inexpensive and easy to find in travel shops or department stores. Dzmitry Urbanovich, a pro poker player who often travels to international tournaments, also shared an important travel reminder with Party Poker – make sure your ticket comes with baggage allowance so you won’t get surprised by additional fees when you check in. There are still many inexperienced tourists who get stalled at the counter repacking everything or end up leaving stuff behind because they weren’t aware that checked baggage doesn’t come for free.

A lot of people love traveling, but not all share a love of packing. These tips are easy to follow, but can completely change the way you travel.

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