A one-stop shop for all your travel needs: TravelMore store review.

We at Standard Luggage have a laser focus on developing travel bags, and that's basically is all we do. We often get questions about where the best are places find reliable and affordable travel gear. The answer: TravelMore.

 Travel More Store and Travel Gear

TravelMore is the modern traveler’s dream: an online, all-in-one boutique featuring quality travel gear at affordable prices. TravelMore’s curated products have an elegant and playful aesthetic with innovative features that get you excited for the journey ahead. This store is perfect for digital nomads and international adventurers alike. 

Based in San Francisco, TravelMore injects in their merchandise a sense of cosmopolitan fun indicative of their hometown. Take their International Power Plug Adapter ($28.50 USD), a nifty gadget that works in over 150 countries and comes equipped with dual USB ports for charging your electronic devices. And then there’s TravelMore’s Microfiber Towel ($17.99 USD)—durable, super, lightweight, fast-drying, and perfect for stays at hostels or any type of outdoor activity. These are multi-function items adaptable to any location.

Other TravelMore products include a Folding Water Bottle ($8.99 USD), a Wallet Belt Pouch ($15 USD), and TSA Combination Luggage Lock. Best of all, all of TravelMore’s gear comes with an absurdly generous 365-year guarantee. If ever you are unsatisfied with a product during the next—that’s right—365 years, TravelMore will replace it or issue you a refund. Bitcoin and all major credit cards are accepted.

Go to TravelMore’s website and you’ll also find a very useful blog with travel tips. Posts include, “How to Use Uber at the Airport” and “How to Never Pay Another ATM Fee while Travelling.”

TravelMore is certainly a gem. As perennial travellers, we’re always looking for like-minded people and companies who love travel and the international community.

Please check out their stuff and tell us what you think!

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