How to Pack a Suit in a Carry On


One important thing to keep in mind when packing a suit is that not all textiles are created equal. Choosing the correct suit can make a world of difference when it comes to successfully packing it in your carry on bag. Fabrics that are light in weight such as cotton and linen tend to crease easily, while heavier fabrics such as wool are more forgiving and less likely to wrinkle. For this reason, men should choose a suit made of wool or even a wool-blend. Women have a few more options and depending on the style of their suit, can choose from a variety of artificial or natural material.   


One of the most important things you can do to ensure your suit does not crush, is to make sure your items stay in place and aren’t shifting around in your bag. Heavy items will crush your suit and ruin all of your careful preparations. Avoid this situation by first pre packing your carry on bag and placing heavy items such as shoes and electronics towards the bottom, making sure to leave a space on top in which to neatly nestle your suit.

Another great way to keep organized as well as prevent your belongings from shifting around during transport, is to use a few packing cubes. Use a medium sized packing cube for your shoes and a smaller sized cube to keep your tie, pocket square, socks, watch and cufflinks neatly in place. 


Although there are many unique and different methods to folding a suit, the roll and pack technique is favored by most. There are only few simple steps to packing your suit ever so conveniently in your carry on luggage. The most important step is to roll your garments, making sure to pack them as gently as possible. When packing your suit pants, begin by laying them out flat and then fold them along the pre-pressed crease. Then gently roll them from hem to waistband. The same idea applies to your jacket: lay it flat, fold it in half so that the lapels are opposite the back of the jacket and the sleeves come across the top of the folded jacket on a diagonal. Now roll from the collar downwards. 


No matter how neatly and carefully you roll your clothing, there’s always the slight chance that a few stray creases might make a surprise appearance. Unroll and unpack your suit as soon as you get to your destination and hang each piece on separate hangers. Hang the suit pieces in the bathroom and run a steamy shower for 20 minutes. By the time the steam clears up in your bathroom, any wrinkles will have fallen out of the suit, leaving it looking freshly pressed.


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