Travel Light With Just One Carry On Bag

Traveling light with just one carry on bag provides mobility and freedom but you must be comfortable and willing to live with a little less. Think of it as a small vacation away from your possessions and keep in mind that the situation is only temporary. Here are a few tips to help you travel light with just one bag.


The trick to packing light and traveling with one carry on bag  is learning to minimize. Many of us are natural over packers but  surprisingly, most people can get away with just a few items such as a fleece, a few tops and a couple of bottoms. Choosing a color scheme make’s traveling much easier as it ensures that all your outfits will match and everything will go together well.

Shoes are heavy, take up tons of room and can really weigh you down so try not to take too many. Two pairs are often enough for most but women can often get away with an extra pair of light ballet style flats.

If you’re traveling somewhere where the climate is warm, avoid packing heavy jeans and pack one or two lightweight pairs instead.


Packing cubes come in many different sizes, shapes as well as colors. Packing cubes can come in useful when trying to pack light as they help to save space by compressing your clothing into neat and organized packages.  

Compression bags are also great at helping to maximize as much space as possible. These bags are usually made of durable plastic or lightweight material and are easily rolled up to release extra air.


To travel by plane with a carry on bag, all the liquids you have need to be 100 ml or less, so take small amounts of what you need and if you run out, restock when needed. Visit the travel section of your local store and you will find an array of handy travel sized items such as toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream and more. You can also purchase small sized travel containers to fill your favorite products with.


You may be used to folding all of your clothes neatly, instead try something new and roll them!  Rolling each article of clothing in a nice tight bundle is a great trick that will help you to save a ton of space. It also leave’s your clothing with less amounts of wrinkles and creases.


Books are a great source of entertainment and can often help to provide adequate translation when traveling to foreign countries but they can also be a burden as they are super heavy and take up precious space. Many one bag travelers choose to travel with a nook or kindle instead as they take up less weight and space.


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