Top Food Destinations for Digital Nomads

Anyone hungry? No? Well, you are about to become, as we will count down the best food destinations for digital nomads in the world. Sure, you can cook your own food where ever you go, but that’s missing the point. The whole point of being a digital nomad is to experience different cultures, and one of the best ways to do so is by testing their cuisins. So, without further adieu, let’s begin counting down the destinations you should visit.

Top Food Locations for Digital Nomads

  1. Shanghai, China

This busy city might not be the ideal choice for all digital nomads looking for a place to relax, but for all gourmets, this is the place to be. Shanghai has some of the world’s best street food that you will fall in love with. Soup dumplings are served at basically every corner, and it is something you definitely need to taste. Once you are done with that, you can move on to their famous pancakes or some of the delicious meals with pork. Apart from the great street food, they also have many brilliant restaurants where you can relax and catch a breath.

  1. Singapore

Similar to Shanghai, this place also has some of the best street food out there. If you find yourself in Singapore, you definitely need to taste the famous Mee Goreng, Indian-spiced fish or pepper crab. Some of those may not be cheap, but trust me, they are worth it. That is, if you are a fan of the spicy food. Just in case you want to sit down and enjoy your meal, you can do that at some of the modern or more traditional restaurants you can find across the city. Whatever your choice may be, you won’t make a mistake.

  1. Belgrade, Serbia

For number 3, we head to Europe, and we go to one of the most vibrant cities around. Belgrade offers a unique mix of cultures you won’t find anywhere else, and their rich history can also be noticed through the cuisine. The first thing that the locals would recommend would definitely be cevapi, a minced meat delicacy that you will never forget. The locals are also very proud of sarma, a Turkish meal they perfected over centuries, and Serbian baked beans are also something you cannot miss. Be warned, all of these meals are quite caloric, but to heck with it, they are just too damn delicious.

  1. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Many locals still call this place Saigon, but everyone agrees on one thing, their food is great. They love to prepare delicious meals, and everywhere you look, you will see them making something tasty, and the smell will draw you closer to them. Some of you may be too scared to try it, as it may look unhygienic, but if the locals are fine, you will be as well. Most of the things they like to eat comes from a wok, and it contains of a lot of vegetables, shrimps and meat, mixed with spicy and aromatic oils. Among many local dishes you need to taste, Com Tam stands out with a very unique taste. Their cuisine also includes a lot of seafood, but it’s prepared in ways you probably never tasted before. Finish the meal with their famous coffee, and you will be one happy camper.

  1. Tijuana, Mexico

Anybody fancies some Mexican food? Mexico is famous for having one of the world’s most famous cuisines, and Tijuana might be their capitol when it comes to food. Where do we start? As if you had any doubt, the first thing you need to taste are tacos. You will see a lot of locals eating the street food, and it’s not only because it’s delicious, but it is also very affordable. Our favorites would surely have to be tamales, tacos dorados and cocos con camaron. Of course, you can try out some of the restaurants, but with the street food that’s this good, you won’t even feel the need to. There are so many variations to their meals, that everyone will find something they like. This is why Tijuana is the top food destination every digital nomad needs to check out.

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