The Best Travel Backpack for Students & Studying Abroad

A backpack is an extremely versatile piece of luggage which apart from being useful for long distance travel can come in handy for short trips like, camping and hiking as well. Backpacks are sold in all sizes and shapes to accommodate the needs of every individual and fit all body types. They are tough and durable, and can survive in any kind of terrain, paved or unpaved, with utmost ease. They are a boon for students intending to study abroad, as they let you carry all the study material safely on the back leaving the hands free to keep track of travel and transport. Every travelling student aspires to possess a backpack that will have ample space to pack as much stuff as possible, without having to pay anything to the airlines.

Standard Luggage Carry-on Backpack for Students and Travel Abroad

Till only recently, the only options available for study abroad and travel was limited to wheeled luggage or top loading backpacks. These days, high quality and relatively light front loading backpacks are available that can take the pupil through markets, train stations and crowded airports like a breeze. Having said that, choosing the best backpack for your study abroad venture is not only essential but a bit difficult as too. Since the pack will be your constant companion through thick and thin, as you regularly traverse the oceans and continents, the selected piece of luggage should cause the least of trouble.

To start with, choose a backpack depending on the length of your stay overseas. For a short month long trip a small one will do, but if you intend to stay abroad for a year or till the semester ends, a larger size backpack will be more useful. The salient features, however, which are ideal for your study abroad backpack are described here.


Students always travel on a tight budget, especially when traveling overseas. Carrying a backpack conforming to the airline regulations means no baggage fees wherever you go. Students tend to travel a lot on weekends, so the savings can really add up in the long run. A good travel backpack should ideally carry 65 liters, though the actual size to be selected should conform to what is right for you, simply because every person’s needs are different. The general yardstick adopted is to pick a bag slightly bigger than what you need to improve your overall travel experience.

Front loading

A front loading backpack is a real hit with students as it can accommodate a lot of stuff apart from the convenience of easy closing and opening. While packing and unpacking is a real headache with top loading packs, the front loading pack allows you to place your things neatly in layers, as in a suitcase. Go for a pack with a U-zip, one that goes around three sides to allow for quick access. The pack should have padding on the sides and top not only to make it stress free, but to keep your stuff in shape as well. When staying in a hostel with other fellow students, this is particularly helpful, as your stuff stays organised all the time.

Ensure locking zippers

Since, as a student, you will be frequently traveling by various modes of transport, security becomes a matter of prime importance. All types of people use these modes of travel simultaneously, thus creating an inherent risk of theft or petty crime. Select a backpack with locking zippers, which though may not guarantee protection from theft, but can at least work as a deterrent to prevent one.

Material and accessories

The ideal travel backpack for a student should be made of top quality material which is thick but lightweight.  It should come with a padded waist and chest strap ( to keep the weight off your shoulders and lower back) and a carry strap to convert the bag into a shoulder bag. Since students hike a lot, a space for water is an absolute must. This is to maintain hydration levels, especially at places of high altitude. There should be adequate pockets and the backpack you choose must be made of water resistant material. Similarly, look for the material which can dry fast if caught in heavy rain, as nobody wants to carry a soggy and wet backpack.  Having too many or too little compartments can be annoying. Three to five are the best, with at least one which can be locked. The latest models are fashionable and frameless, to allow for better balance and come equipped with laptop sleeve.

Students, in general, look forward to spending quality time and study side by side, when abroad. The anticipation of visiting a new country, meeting different people and making friends should not become over shadowed by a backpack which can become a burden. For a student, looking forward to spending a lot of time on the road, buy a travel pack which fulfils the three criteria of size, front-loading and locked up zippers. Remember to try before you buy. Each person’s back is different from the other person. There is no point in going for expensive and branded items, if they are not comfortable. Since the backpack you choose can make or break a trip, your selected backpack will then allow you to travel on your terms, no matter where you are headed.

Acquiring a new travel backpack prior to your trip overseas can become very exciting for a student. Not only are there expectations of a grand trip ahead, but there is a new piece of gear which has been added to your collection. Thanks to the advanced technology, one can carry more clothes and other important stuff in a bag which is light and versatile and with a very long lifespan.


Standard's Carry-on Backpack

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