Pandemic Mark-downs: Help Standard Luggage Co.

Dear Fellow Traveler,

Typically, at this time of the year, the Standard Luggage Co. team is kicking operations into high gear: a fully-stocked warehouse; fielding questions by customers; overall increased activity in advance of peak travel season.

But this is not a typical year. And Standard Luggage Co. needs your help.

The global pandemic and restrictions on international travel have left us on a very anxious path. Sales have dropped by more than 90 percent. And we’re trying to do right by customers whose trips have been cancelled, honoring returns and issuing refunds wherever possible.

To keep Standard Luggage Co. alive and well—we’ve discounted all of our products. This is the most aggressive mark-down we’ve ever offered, and we’re hoping to stem our losses and pass these savings onto you.

To those who are able, we graciously ask you please consider:

  • Preparing for your next trip now and stocking up on gear or accessories early
  • Gifting some of our products to fellow adventurers and travel enthusiasts. We also have a gift card options.
  • Discounted bulk purchases for companies and institutions that rely on frequent employee travel. Please contact me directly.

Standard Luggage Co. is grateful for the business and sense of community our customers have given us, and we remain committed to designing high-quality products that help you travel better and happier.

Thank you for your time and ongoing support,

Founder, Standard Luggage Co.


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