Top Dating Apps for Digital Nomads


Finding love on the road is perhaps the biggest challenge digital nomads come across. On one hand, it’s easy to meet new people and form new relationships, but then again, due to our adventurous spirit, it’s difficult to maintain them.

Online dating apps for digital nomads

What’s the solution? Find a person that thinks similarly to you, and forge plans together. Fortunately, digital nomads can now be connected to each other through the powers of modern technology. That’s right, we are talking about dating sites, tailor made for people of our profession. In this article, we selected 5 of the most popular ones. Care to take a look? It can be the only thing that’s separating you from happiness.


Let’s start off slow with a rising star that has the potential to become a game changer. Although is currently still in beta mode, Ninder has all it takes to become the primary dating app for digital nomads. In case you want to contribute towards creating the best possible app, you can leave a feedback to developers with your ideas and thoughts. Similar to Tinder, it also works on the principles of swiping photos, but it also connects with Nomad Trips in order to share your current location. For now, it’s still just a dream, but it can turn into reality any time now. Cannot wait to see that happening.

Tour Bar

What is the number one thing keeping you from dating? Probably the fear of unknown. This is especially noticeable in the case of online dating sites. Fortunately, Tour Bar is the one place where you can actually check out your partner before going on a real date. Furthermore, this terrific app is perfect as it puts no pressure on users to hook up. The ultimate goal is not clearly defined, and it can be anything from dating to finding a trusted traveling partner. We all know how important this can be to digital nomads. The first step towards great relationship is actually getting to meet someone.

Travel, meet, date

Compared to other apps, Travel meet date is quite a bit different. For start, it’s not free. All users have to pay a subscription-based fee of $5 per month, or take a $40 package which includes the whole year. So, what do you get for the money? Well, unlike others, this app actually allows you to declare your travel route public, and as a consequence, you can end up with a bunch of people eager to meet you right at your doorstep. For some of you that are easily scared, it can sound too aggressive, but if you are always shy to make the first step towards happiness, why not let someone else do it for you?

Miss Travel

The creators behind this app claims that it’s the #1 travel dating website, and we have to confirm that it is quite good. The app was designed to connect two travelers together, and it does so very effectively. After you meet the person of your interest, the two of you exchange travel proposals, including your current place of stay and the ideal destination. Eventually, in case everything works out, there is also an option under which the two parties can reach an agreement regarding the costs, with one side financing the whole trip, or splitting the costs down the middle. The only drawback is that it might actually be too aggressive for conservative individuals, but if you know what you want, Miss Travel gets right to the point.


Even with so many dating apps intended just for digital nomads, Tinder still holds the #1 spot in my book. This app already created over 10 billion dates worldwide, and this number just keeps on growing! The basic principle is fairly simple, if you like the person you’re seeing on the screen, swipe right, if not, swipe left, and go to the next one. With a huge number of active users, it’s still the app to beat, and to be honest, the others don’t even come close. So, if you’re feeling lonely on the road, know that sometimes, all it takes are a few swipes on Tinder to change your life.

Meet me outside

Don’t we all wish to spend more time outside? Here’s an app that’s inviting, and even rewarding us for doing so. A quick glance at the name, and you’ll pretty much know what the main idea of the creators behind it was. Instead of spending all day long texting, the goal of this app is to go outside, and meet new people. It’s funny how that sounds like a revolutionary idea in this day and age.

If you consider yourself an active person, and want to find someone who shares your passion for outdoor sports, there’s no better choice than Meet me outside! What’s best about this app is that it’s quick and simple to use. It just allows you to meet some interesting people, and leaves the rest up to you.


Here’s a tremendous app for those who have a hard time breaking the ice and introducing themselves to strangers. Let’s face it, if you are shy, the biggest issue is how to even start a conversation with someone you don’t know. Luckily, this app helps us avoid awkward silence altogether.

It works on simple principles. At the beginning, every user has to start a conversation with “How about we…” While that might seem like a simplistic solution to a really complicated problem, the practice shows that it does work. Not only that it gives you a chance to informally talk to someone right out the gate, it provides a great starting point to find a person who shares your interests.


To be quite honest, this is not a dating app, per se. Still, it’s a useful tool that gives you a chance to meet a bunch of friendly people, and well, the rest will be up to you. This app was originally conceived as a useful way to meet individuals who share similar passions in life, and live in the same area such as yourself. Sometimes, the best chance to meet the love of your life is not by actively searching for it. Instead, you can just relax and be yourself. You’d be surprised by how often that formula is the key to happiness.

Nomad soulmates

Ah, the troubles of finding a soulmate of the road, finally someone who gets it. This app was created by digital nomads, for digital nomads! So, how is it any different than any other app out there? For starters, you have to be a traveler in order to join. The creators of this app placed a lot of importance on finding someone who shares your core values, and helping you make that connection. Instead of focusing more on the physical looks, or travel plans, this app is trying to go above and beyond, by introducing people who will be a perfect match. This ever-growing community includes 7,000+ nomads so far, so it seems to be working!


Shy guys of the world, Bumble is your savior. Are you tired of constantly having to make the first move, and being rejected more times than not? With this app, the equality between sexes is implemented in a rather radical way. You see, unlike most other apps, Bumble requires women to make the first move, ditching the old-fashioned dating rules right out the gate.

The app designers are more than happy to report that this is not just another one of those traditional dating services. By breaking the normal patterns, and implementing new rules, they look to break known barriers, and introduce a more leveled playing field. Besides equality, this movement also includes kindness, integrity, understanding and respect as its core values. The platform has exploded in popularity over the recent period, and it’s quickly catching up to some better-known names in the industry.


Perhaps you’re not looking for love at first sight, and all you want to do is party all night long? This app allows you to meet similarly-minded individuals who consider themselves as a sort of “nighttime experts”. Join a group of some wild party animals, dance till you can’t dance no more, and who knows, maybe find a romantic partner for life while you’re at it.




  • Alyssa

    I like the list! You should check out Fairytrail. It’s a really good dating app for nomads. Btw HowAboutWe is defunct

  • Lily Josef

    Online Dating is the new concept and currently in the state of coronavirus online dating brings to a great extent. Everyone out the world is getting their dates online. Similarly, tinder dating site have also shifted and supports your health by meeting in the open.
    The better idea for the youth if they are searching for a partner is going to tinder dating site and search for various partners of their choice and make your life the great.

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