AirBnB Alternatives for Japan

To many travelers worldwide, AirBnB has always been the most reliable source of finding affordable rentals. However, Japanese authorities recently announced news that can change the game for good. Among other things, the Minpaku Law, declares that hosts will only be able to rent their properties for 180 days per year. Due to this law, many AirBnB hosts are now moving on from the industry, as they are forced to leave a large chuck of their previous earnings on the table.

AirBnb Alternatives for Japan

If you planned on visiting Japan in the near future, this news will certainly affect you, but is there a way to replace AirBnB with some other decent option? Read the article below and find out!

Capsule Hotels

In typical Japanese fashion, let’s start off with something you probably won’t see anywhere else in the world. Capsule Hotels are pretty basic in regards to accommodation and luxury, but they are definitely on the cheaper side. Still, if you’re just looking for a place to crash, traveling solo, and aren’t claustrophobic, this can provide you with a decent alternative. Most hotels of this kind accept booking, as well as walk-ins. In my opinion, capsule hotels are a great last resort, but also can be quite attractive to younger individuals looking to experience something new on their travel.

Business Hotels

From the bare necessities to luxury. All joking aside, but Japan has a plethora of business hotels that offer great service. Perhaps the best thing about it them is the prices, which usually range from $50-$150 per room, depending on the level of accommodation you choose. Compared to regular hotels, these business options tend to be quite cheaper. Another bonus is the location. Business hotels are usually located near busy airports or train stations, so you won’t have trouble with finding them. The only negative is the room sizes, which tend to be on the smaller side, but that’s not always the case. If you pick carefully, you might be surprised with how much you can get for your buck.

Stay Japan

In case AirBnB got you used to using apps to find a place to stay, Stay Japan may be a quality alternative. This domestic website is entirely legal, and every apartment you find here has been registered. For now, there are already over 2,000 apartments currently available for rent, but that number will probably be much higher, as most home owners will probably be forced to migrate here from AirBnB. Unfortunately for us, compared to AirBnB, Stay Japan apartments tend to be a bit more expensive, but let’s hope that the competition will drive the prices down in the future. That being said, in case you’re traveling in a small group, this website offers some great properties where you’ll be able to rest and recuperate from your long journey. Be sure to check it out.


While hostels have quite a negative reputation worldwide, in Japan, the situation is a lot different. Japanese hostels are very clean, they have many private rooms, and they oftentimes sport a modern design. Naturally, the biggest advantage of hostels is the low price of stay, and that much remains true here as well. Many hostels also go one step above the competition, organizing fun free events for their customers, such as karaoke or informal dinners. This can be especially cool if you’re a digital nomad traveling solo, as it will give you an opportunity to meet new friends. With that in mind, you can get much more than what you originally paid for.

Internet cafes

I’ve never been to these places myself, but I have some friends who tried it out. Much different to the U.S. internet café concept, in Japan, many of these places also offer beds to their customers. You might be surprised to find out, but there is quite a bit of young Japanese nomads who use these places as a last resort. It’s understandable that the privacy is basically non-existent here, but if you find yourself with nowhere else to go, know that this option might be available as well.

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