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  • Five Reasons to Travel with a Single Carry-on Bag Only
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Five Reasons to Travel with a Single Carry-on Bag Only

Life is complicated, but travel doesn’t have to be.

Let’s be honest: if you’re young, urban, and ready for adventure, travelling with a carry-on—and only a carry-on—is the way to go. Whether you’re a digital nomad, young professional, or perennial explorer, one-bag travel makes the most sense. But just in case you’re on the fence, we’ve listed the Top 5 Reasons to Travel with a Carry-On.


1. It’s secure

You’re belongings are most safe when they’re on your person. It’s a fact. Most bags are stolen when away from a traveller’s body or eyeline. Thievery only takes seconds. Keeping your bag close, and equipping it with the necessary safeguards (locks; safety straps; unique identification), keeps peace of mind well in hand.

2. It saves time

There’s nothing worse than waiting at an airport carousel for your check-in luggage, only to find that it’s been mistakenly shipped to the wrong airport, or, God forbid, lifted by some terrible person. Travelling with a carry-on exempts you from long lines, security interrogations, and the rough and tumble hands of airport staff.

3. It saves money

More and more airlines are charging exceptional fees for check-in luggage. If you can pack light, isn’t it easier for all parties to stow your stuff in an overhead compartment or under your airplane chair? You can’t be charged for things you can easily carry yourself.

4. It’s versatile

These days, a carry-on is the only bag you’ll ever need. Some of the best bags seamlessly convert from backpack, to suitcase, to duffel, to shoulder bag, and so on. Many bags have special compartments for electronics and can expand for souvenirs you may pick up on the road. Carry-ons have become great for any circumstance.

5. It’s personal

Your bag, wherever you are in the world, is a personal statement. Just like the jeans you wear, or the watch you show off, your luggage is a form of expression. And that’s what makes carry-ons so special. They’re meant to compliment you. And you can personalize them—via colours, your country’s flag, or whatever—and be happy to know that your bag is your own.

  • backpackcarry-onhowtopackingpackinglightsmart traveltipstraveltravel bag

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